[Infographic Guide] Physician Trends – Practice Environment


Physician recruitment relies on the ability of recruiters to make a connection. Successfully connecting with a candidate requires really understanding who that candidate is on a day-to-day basis and the challenges they face. To learn more about what a physician’s practice environment looks like, download the infographic below: Physician Trends – Practice Environment.

Physician Trends – Practice Environment

81% of doctors are at capacity or overextended

53 hours is an average workweek for a physician

9-12 hours per day on average

22 is the mean number of patients seen per day

20 minutes is the mean time spent with each patient

Physicians initiate the majority of acquisition talks

Primary Care practices make up the majority of acquisitions by hospitals

77% of physicians said selling their practice was the right decision

Employed physicians younger than 45 are more likely to have never been in private practice

92% of residents would prefer employment with a salary rather than an independent practice income

In the past decade, the percentage of hospital-owned physician practices has tripled from about 25% to almost 75%

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