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Meet Our Thought Leaders

Our physician recruitment thought leaders possess a deep understanding of the evolving healthcare landscape, the unique challenges in healthcare staffing, and the strategies required to attract and retain top providers.

Combining our industry surveys and reports with their vast expertise gained through decades of recruiting providers for health systems, hospitals, medical practices, and other healthcare facilities, our thought leaders guide organizations in developing effective recruitment strategies, creating a positive candidate experience, and advising on retention best practices. They also support physicians throughout the job search process to ensure the opportunity is the right fit for their career and life goals.

Tony Stajduhar


"The most rewarding part of my job is knowing our team has helped thousands of clients bring physicians into their communities to build a fulfilling practice and establish a satisfying life for themselves and their families."

Neal Waters

Regional Vice President, Recruiting

"Placing the right physician in the right place is especially rewarding because this connection not only benefits the physician and practice, but it also serves the community as a whole."

Tara Osseck

Regional Vice President, Recruiting

"Utilizing my background as an in-house physician recruiter with experience in strategic planning, business development, and physician relations has allowed me to understand my clients’ needs, deliver on them in a unique way, and build long-standing relationships across the Midwest region and beyond."

Helen Falkner

Regional Vice President, Recruiting

"As the daughter of a physician and a native of West Des Moines, Iowa, I have witnessed firsthand, the transformation of healthcare and its effects on both the physician and the heartland community. The ever-changing landscape of healthcare makes finding the ‘right’ candidate even more important. The most rewarding part of my job is the opportunity to deliver exceptional physicians to our clients and matching those doctors, and their families, with an organization and community that is the right fit."

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Our thought leaders regularly provide insightful perspectives, industry expertise, and inspiring ideas that drive meaningful discussions and foster innovative thinking at local, regional, and national association meetings and conferences. We’d be delighted to be part of your next conference. Please fill out the form, so we may discuss your needs.

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