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[Recruitment Guide] How to Deliver an Exceptional On-site Physician Interview

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October 1, 2020

Physicians continue to express interest in new job opportunities despite the continuing pandemic. With an annual turnover rate of 6-7%, two out of five physicians reaching retirement age, and a physician shortage now projected at 139,000 by 2033 per the AAMC, strategic physician recruitment must carry on.

Wired for adaptability, hospital and medical group administrators and physician recruiters have found creative ways to continue recruiting knowing 2021 staffing plan goals must be achieved. But for those physicians who are interested in a particular role and deemed a strong clinical and cultural fit, the on-site interview may bring a wave of anxiety not previously experienced.

The “new normal” means air travel is more stressful, mandatory quarantines in some circumstances make it difficult for a physician from one state to interview in another within a reasonable time frame, and the opportunity for a community tour may be limited. Additionally, gone are the days when you can expect a physician to return for a second interview. Now, you have to nail the physician interview experience the first time and give the candidate that “wow” experience.

To help, we’ve assembled a step-by-step recruitment guide on how to deliver an exceptional on-site interview experience. Download it to put your organization in the best position to reduce your time-to-fill, increase your interview-to-hire ratio, and maximize your recruitment ROI.


Why is it so Important to Nail the First Interview?

It comes down to the power of the first impression. It may seem counterintuitive, but follow-up interviews do not necessarily increase the likelihood that a physician will accept your offer. Plus, multiple interviews drive up your cost per hire, as well as impact your ability to meet patient care demands and revenue goals.

No two physician are alike, and neither are their needs when considering a new position, especially when it includes a relocation. A highly customized experience is essential. Every on-site interview should include two parts:

  1. Interviews with all key stakeholders.
  2. A personalized community tour.

After you’ve done everything in your power to identify a physician who will fit in your culture and is interested in the opportunity, you’ll want to create a welcoming interview experience that reflects your organization’s unique strengths.

Start by planning the interview for greatest impact. Structure a comprehensive, well-organized interview that leaves no questions unanswered, and have your A-players demonstrate alignment with organizational mission and values.

Healthcare administrators and recruiters who coordinate a well-planned, efficiently delivered, on-site interview experience will be more successful in influencing a candidate’s decision to accept the job offer. You’ll also position your organization to:

  • Rise above the competition.
  • Earn the trust of the physician and spouse.
  • Become their number one choice.

Also, most organizations understand the high costs of conducting multiple interviews with a candidate. But since only 27% of candidates we surveyed as part of our 2020 Physician Interview Experience White Paper decided to accept the position on the way home from the first interview, it appears that few deliver an interview experience that will improve speedy offer acceptance.

Candidates who decided to accept on the way home reported:

  • 89% had all questions answered.
  • 61% received a written offer within a week.
  • 80% felt excited and 82% felt welcomed.
  • Ranked alignment with the organization’s mission and values at a 9.2/10.

Download the Recruitment Guide to learn more about the two parts of an exceptional on-site interview experience and to review a helpful interview checklist.

To speak further about your interview process or for help with your physician and advanced practice provider recruitment needs, contact Jackson Physician Search.

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