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Physician Recruitment Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator

Faster Physician Placement Means Greater ROI

Use our Physician Recruitment ROI Calculator to identify the difference a faster time-to-fill could have on your revenue stream.

The results show revenue your organization may miss out on while a position is open. It will also show the revenue you could earn if you utilize Jackson Physician Search based on our average time-to-fill for that specialty.

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ROI Calculator

Get started by selecting the physician specialty and input how long the position has been open the calculator does the rest.

Where do your physician candidates come from, and how much do they cost you?

The competition for physicians is intense, so an effective candidate sourcing strategy must be comprehensive and responsive. When your organization has a vacancy, the costs quickly add up in terms of lost revenue and patients, not to mention the risk of increased burnout among your existing staff. By filling your open positions even weeks sooner, your recruitment ROI improves significantly.

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Accelerating Searches with an Unbeatable Digital Candidate Acquisition Strategy

  • Attract qualified candidates via 10+ national job boards every position posted until the search is filled.
  • Only recruitment firm to provide every recruiter with a license to source candidates on Doximity the social and job board platform where 85% of practicing physicians have claimed their profile.
  • Targeted email campaigns to the most robust database of opted-in physicians, physician executives, and advanced practice providers.
  • Digital candidate sourcing process reaches active and passive candidates via social networks and our large, opted-in database.
  • Accurately budget and control expenses with our transparent fee structure.

Client Testimonial

We had been internally sourcing a physician for 14 months with no success. We engaged Jackson Physician Search and within 30 days had 4 candidates, one of whom we signed.

President and COO, Texas

Client Testimonial

We needed the assistance of a reputable recruitment firm, so we enlisted the help of Jackson Physician Search. We appreciated regular updates on sourcing efforts, which gave us confidence in the JPS process, and found our ideal candidate in an impressive timeline.

Human Resources Director, Missouri

Client Testimonial

I have worked with Jackson Physician Search for over 35 years. They have always done an excellent job, and I have been very pleased with their services. I can give them my best recommendation without reservation.

CEO, Texas

Client Testimonial

Short term, we are able to fill our open spots quickly. Long term, the hiring of quality candidates who are fully aware of what our needs are from the beginning assists us with retention.

CEO, Pennsylvania

Physician Placement Success Stories

Is there anything more rewarding than pairing leading healthcare organizations with well-matched physicians who go on to provide exceptional patient care and enrich communities? We don’t think so.

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Recruiting physicians, physician executives, and advanced practice providers requires a partner with a proven track record of delivering on the toughest recruiting challenges. Since 1978, our team has delivered for thousands of clients nationwide, filling their searches quickly and cost-effectively from our extensive network.

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