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[Infographic Guide] Going Country: 5 Factors That Would Prompt Physicians to Consider Practicing in a Rural Location

Jackson Physician Search
October 2, 2023

Rural recruitment is a growing challenge that begs for new answers, and we just may have found some in our White Paper: Rural Physician Recruitment and Staffing Survey Results. Only 10% of physicians practicing in urban and suburban locations said nothing would prompt them to consider accepting a rural position. This suggests that the remaining 90% are, at a minimum, open to practicing rural medicine. So, what exactly could motivate them to go country? Keep reading to find out.



1: Money Talks

64% of physicians said higher compensation, bonuses, and benefits might motivate them to consider a rural position. Consider offering flexibility in signing bonuses to better meet the needs of those you’re trying to recruit. One might value a retention bonus, while another may be looking for student loan repayment.

2: Part-Time and Flexible Schedules

47% of physicians practicing in urban and suburban locations value the ability to work part-time or have more flexibility in their hours. Can you offer a four-day work week or a 7-days-on/7-days-off schedule? Physicians are less interested in the traditional work week and could be swayed with more flexibility.

3: Improved Work-Life Balance

Nearly half (46%) of physicians want to improve their sense of work-life balance. A practice opportunity that encourages time away from practice can be a powerful recruitment benefit, especially among early-career physicians. Mitigating burnout drivers, offering time off for volunteer work, and providing a telehealth workday are just a few ideas.

4: Strong Organizational Culture

33% of physicians desire a strong organizational culture. Two-way communication with administration, autonomy in how they practice medicine, and having a voice in how decisions are made are all part of a strong, healthy organizational culture.

5. Affordable Cost of Living

Nearly one in three physicians (29%) value a more affordable cost of living than is often found in cities and suburbs. Like the rest of us, physicians want their dollars to go further. Highlight the community’s affordability along with access to specific amenities in your job ads and recruitment advertising efforts.

Download our White Paper: Rural Physician Recruitment and Staffing Survey Results. For more information about how your healthcare organization can use the results of this survey to improve your rural physician recruitment and retention strategy, contact Jackson Physician Search today.

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