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Considering an offer? Our physician salary calculator estimates salary, benefits, incentives, and bonuses — by specialty and location.

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Physician Compensation 101: What Residency Didn’t Teach You

While most physicians don’t go into medicine solely for the high compensation, the six-figure income doesn’t exactly hurt. That said, physician compensation can vary significantly depending on several factors. A physician’s specialty impacts income, as does geographical location, but what many residents don’t know is how the different types of physician compensation models can also influence income.

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Physician Compensation: Ask the Right Questions at the Right Time

When considering a new physician job opportunity, it’s natural to be curious about the physician compensation package. With location, practicing setting, and compensation among the top concerns for many physicians, it’s tempting to ask for details early.

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Looking for Your Next Job? Understanding Physician Compensation, Benefits, and Bonuses

Medical school training is both comprehensive and exhaustive for today’s physicians, and the one area that too little time is spent talking about is compensation. After all, physicians don’t want to spend almost ten years training for a career and not have a clear understanding of how they are going to be paid.

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Candidate Testimonial

My Jackson Physician Search recruiter was tremendously helpful. She has been proactive, informative, and available. I have really valued all that she has done to help put me in a solid position to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.


Candidate Testimonial

My Jackson Physician Search recruiter was very skillful and engaged. She took the time to get to know me and was creative in thinking of factors that would influence me, even when I had not thought of them.

Physician, Pennsylvania

Candidate Testimonial

My Jackson Physician Search recruiter was very knowledgeable about the details of the position (including technical details regarding equipment and personnel) from my very first discussion with him. He did an excellent job as a recruiter, and I will recommend Jackson Physician Search to my junior residents.

Physician, Florida

Candidate Testimonial

Helen reached out about a job opportunity. I was not looking, but in the back of my mind had been wondering about a move to the east coast and a new challenge. She was honest, informative, and supportive throughout the process. I am grateful.


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