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[Infographic Guide] 4 Surprising Stats to Improve Your Early-Career Physician Recruitment Strategy

Jackson Physician Search
January 10, 2024

New research from MGMA and Jackson Physician Search explores what residents and fellows want in their first jobs and what influences them to stay.

1: New Physicians Report Staying in Their First Job for Only Two Years on Average 

Physicians who completed training in the last six years spent significantly less time in their first job than physicians across all ages.

Average First Job Tenure:

Completed Training Within the Last 6 Years: 2 Years

Regardless of Age/Training Completion: 6 Years

Takeaway: Organizations need a new approach to both recruitment and retention to improve the odds new physicians will stay.

2: Compensation Is the Reason They Come

What were the top factors that influenced physicians’ first job decisions?

76% Compensation

64% Location

38% Work-Life Balance

36% Culture/Environment

Takeaway: Today’s new physicians are looking for top compensation – often in the 75/90th percentile, as reported in MGMA DateDive. They also want to be near family and friends, have excellent work-life balance, and have a healthy culture where they can thrive.

3: Practice Model Is the Reason They Go

Physicians’ initial focus on compensation may cause them to overlook the impact that practice ownership has on job satisfaction.

Top factors influencing physicians’ decisions to leave their first job:

35% Practice Ownership and Governance Model

30% Career Track/Advancement

30% Compensation

Takeaway: Address these important topics during the interview process to identify candidates whose needs align with what the healthcare organization can offer.

4: Reputation Is Not as Powerful as Administrators Think

51% of administrators believe the organization’s reputation is why residents and fellows join.


11% of residents and fellows seeking their first jobs said reputation was an important factor.

Takeaway: Organizations need to understand and address early-career physicians’ unique needs and preferences to elevate their appeal and encourage long-term commitment.


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