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Home is Where the Heart Is: Physician Recruiter Helps Unite Resident with His Fiancé

Jackson Physician Search
February 13, 2024

At Jackson Physician Search, we advise thousands of residents each year on their first physician job searches. One thing we stress is knowing your priorities and being flexible – especially in terms of location. Physicians who have made up their minds that they want to work in a popular city will find themselves up against considerable competition when applying for jobs in that market. Being open to multiple areas or broadening the search radius can considerably improve your options. 

Sometimes, however, life circumstances don’t allow for flexibility in terms of location. This was the case for Dr. L, an internal medicine resident in his final year of training at Georgetown. In his years of residency, he met and fell in love with a woman whose career was based in D.C. When they got engaged, he knew it would mean building his physician career in the D.C. metro area.   

In his final year of residency, Dr. L set up job alerts on several physician job boards and began applying for jobs in the city. When he came across a job in Frederick, located about an hour from D.C., he was hesitant to apply. It was definitely outside his ideal radius, but something made him reach out to learn more.

An Ideal Compromise

Senior Director of Recruiting Sally Ann Patton received his inquiry and immediately responded. She had been working with the hiring organization for six years and was able to share all the details about the job and the culture of the organization. When Dr. L raised his concerns about the location, she explained that many of the facilities’ providers lived between Frederick and D.C. or Baltimore. She believed it was an ideal location for many dual-income couples. There were several suburbs in between, and one partner could commute to D.C. or Baltimore while the other commuted to Frederick.

As an early-career physician, Dr. L also had questions about which practice type would be best for him long-term. Sally Ann objectively laid out the differences between employment and private practice, prioritizing recruiting for retention. With her insight, Dr. L saw that this outpatient role at a hospital-employed group with strong APP support would provide him with the quality of life he desired.

Dr. L felt positive about the opportunity and asked to be presented for the position. Because Sally Ann has a longstanding partnership with the organization, the recruitment process was seamless. The Director reached out to Dr. L almost immediately and, after a successful conversation, invited him onsite for an interview.

Because Dr. L was based in D.C., the interview was scheduled quickly. When he visited the facility, he was impressed with everyone he met – and the feelings were mutual. He especially valued the focus on quality over quantity. Expectations for patient volume were fair, but the compensation structure was set up to reward him should he choose to take on more. Before the visit, Sally Ann had painted a picture of the culture, emphasizing the positive relationships between the administration and the physicians. While onsite, Dr. L could see the truth in her statements. The culture was exactly what he had been hoping to find.

Secrets of Physician Job Search Success

Dr. L was thrilled to receive an offer from the hospital and was grateful to Sally Ann for helping him see how the location and practice type were right for him. When he had questions about the contract negotiation process, Sally Ann was there every step of the way as well, ensuring his confidence in his decision to accept the job.

Dr. L had been wise to sign up for job alerts, but Sally Ann’s foresight and understanding of where physicians in Frederick typically live caused her job to appear in his search for D.C. jobs. Her deep understanding of the organization and ability to provide insight on recruitment topics he wasn’t familiar with were essential factors in helping Dr. L confidently apply. Then, Dr. L promptly heard back afterward, thanks to Sally Ann’s relationship with the hospital and the seamless process she has cultivated with them throughout the years. As soon as he expressed interest, the hiring organization did everything possible to win him over.

Sally Ann also credits Dr. L’s openness to taking a job a little farther out than he had originally planned. His upcoming marriage didn’t allow for too much flexibility on location. Still, when he could, he was able to find a compromise, allowing him and his fiance to live happily ever after.

Whether you are a resident searching for your first physician job or an experienced physician seeking a change, the recruitment team at Jackson Physician Search is eager to help. Reach out today to learn how we can assist your job search, or get started now by searching for physician jobs online.

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