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Physician Recruiter Finds an OB-GYN Resident a New Opportunity After Sudden Change in Plans

Jackson Physician Search
May 1, 2024

Most physician recruiters advise residents to start actively looking for their first physician jobs at least a year before completing their training. For residents who are engaged or married to other residents, the resident job search timeline may start even earlier. Physician couples face unique challenges in their first job searches, as they must factor in their professional needs and those of their partners. In these cases, working with a physician recruiter can be beneficial for finding dual-physician couples opportunities that are compatible with each other. Sometimes, however, even the best-laid plans go awry. In these instances, a dedicated physician recruiter can be especially helpful.

A Dual-Physician Couple Planning a Future

Similar to an increasing number of medical residents, Dr. S was engaged to another physician. Though she was finishing her residency in Florida, her fiance still had several years to go in his residency program in Kentucky. The couple decided she should seek employment with the organization where he was completing his training. It was located in her home state and would allow them to build their lives together near family. Dr. S expressed her interest in the organization, and before the end of her second year of residency, she had accepted an offer, complete with a signing bonus. At the time, she had no doubt that it was the right job for her.

Nearly two years later, however, her situation had changed. The couple decided to end the relationship just a few weeks before the wedding. Dr. S knew it was the right decision, but she also knew she no longer wished to work in that specific town. Dr. S immediately began an active search for other OB-GYN jobs in Kentucky. She still wanted to live near her family but needed a new opportunity.

A Community-Based Hospital Seeking an OB-GYN

Director of Recruiting Megan Schwertner worked with a community-based hospital in southern Kentucky, a little over an hour from Nashville, Tennessee. With a population of 30,000, it’s not a major metro, but the hospital has impressive resources, including the ability to offer physicians competitive compensation and access to cutting-edge equipment. The hospital is also a partner of Vanderbilt Medical Center. Megan highlighted all of this in her job ads while proactively reaching out to potential candidates through Doximity and the Jackson Physician Search database, focusing specifically on residents with ties to the area.

No Time to Waste

Megan connected with Dr. S on a Saturday to talk about the job. Dr. S was eager to learn about the opportunity. She liked the idea of working in a smaller town, and the location was ideal. Megan shared what she knew about the hospital’s culture, and based on what Dr. S said she was looking for, it seemed like an ideal match.  

Megan presented Dr. S to the client and suggested they speak with her as soon as possible. She emphasized that Dr. S was a strong candidate in an active search and would likely be pursued by multiple employers. They knew they needed to act quickly. After speaking with Dr. S by phone, they invited her to come for an interview as soon as possible. Dr. S made the trip and was impressed by what she found. When the offer came just a few weeks later, she was happy to accept.

First Physician Job Search Success

Dr. S did everything right by starting her physician job search early and landing an offer in her second year. However, sometimes, things don’t unfold as planned. When this proved true for Dr. S, she was faced with starting a new job search. The idea was daunting, but this time, she could be more open about the location. She hoped to stay in or near Kentucky and work for an organization that prioritized work-life balance. When Megan approached her about the opportunity with her client, it seemed like the perfect fit. 

While Dr. S had other opportunities to explore, Megan’s insight into the organization and its culture of teamwork allowed Dr. S to feel like she had a clear view of what it would be like to work there. Megan also ensured the process moved quickly, as she knew Dr. S was eager to make a decision about her future. Megan’s involvement from start to finish allowed Dr. S to quickly pivot from the job (and life) she thought she wanted to a new opportunity where she could start building a life all her own.

Whether you are seeking your first physician job or simply need a change, the recruitment team at Jackson Physician Search can help you identify opportunities that meet your needs. Reach out today or search physician jobs online now.  

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