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Recruiter Helps Newly Trained Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Find Job with Ideal Organization

Jackson Physician Search
June 11, 2024

As the nation experiences greater recognition and documentation of mental health struggles like anxiety, depression, and substance abuse disorders, more people are seeking help and support. However, despite the increased demand for mental healthcare, the number of providers remains stagnant and may be shrinking due to an influx of psychiatrist retirements. According to AAMC Physician Workforce Data, 37% of psychiatrists were over the age of 65 in 2022.

Fortunately, as is true in many specialties, advanced practice providers are well-equipped to fill this void. Organizations unable to keep up with the mental health needs of patients are utilizing advanced practice providers with psychiatric training to provide quality care.

A Nurse Practitioner With an Interest in Psychiatry

The increased need for mental health providers was one factor driving a Nurse Practitioner in Indiana’s decision to pursue psychiatric training. He had learned a lot while working as an NP in an urgent care facility, but he wanted more of a challenge. He was interested in psychiatry, and due to constant headlines about the nation’s mental health crisis, he assumed his new credentials would mean he’d have his pick of job opportunities. However, after completing the training to be a PMHNP, the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner job market wasn’t as easy to navigate as he expected. His status as a new grad seemed to disqualify him from virtually every Psychiatric NP job posting he found. 

This scenario is not unusual. While the industry needs advanced practice providers, organizations willing to hire them straight out of training are less common than one might think. This means new grads often face an advanced practice provider job market that is not quite what they were expecting. Some will see the many APP job ads demanding a minimum of 2-5 years of experience and be deterred. Fortunately for this Nurse Practitioner, he persevered — applying to any job that seemed like a fit, even if he didn’t meet every requirement. 

Connecting With A Dedicated Recruiter 

Lucky for him, Search Consultant Hannah Hill was on the receiving end of one of those applications. While the job in question did require more experience than he could offer, Hannah held onto his application as she suspected she might soon have another opportunity for him. Her suspicions were right. A few weeks later, she was assigned to a new client: a community mental health clinic in rural Indiana. The group wanted to hire someone quickly and felt strongly about hiring a candidate who was already local. They didn’t want to wait for someone to relocate and have to go through the state licensing process. They needed someone now.

Hannah initially worried about the client’s request but trusted the process. She quickly posted the job to a network of APP job boards, and she set to work reaching out to possible candidates who were already in the database. Of course, the Nurse Practitioner in Indiana was one of her first calls. He was happy to hear from her and was eager to learn more about the clinic. Hannah told him that the clinic valued work-life balance, offering providers a 4-day workweek as well as telehealth options. The organization was committed to preventing burnout among its providers.

Coaching Through the Process

The Nurse Practitioner was happy to be presented for the job. Hannah prepared him for what to expect when speaking to the employer. His status as a newly trained PMHNP may be a concern, but Hannah helped him craft responses to address the situation, coaching him through what was sure to be a swift-moving process. Sure enough, she submitted him to the client and was asked to set up a call immediately. Because he was local, he was able to go for the in-person interview the next day. The client was impressed by him and presented him with a contract. He was excited to have an offer, and he was certainly impressed with what he had learned about the group so far, but he had questions about the contract and wanted to be sure it was the right job for him. 

Hannah patiently went over each question, explaining the contract and going back to the employer for more information when needed. The NP was transparent about what he was looking for and what he needed from an employer, knowing it was better to have hard conversations up front to make sure everyone was on the same page. Hannah served as a successful mediator during this process, reminding her client how rare it was to find a local candidate with his training.

A Successful Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Job Search 

Ultimately, he accepted the position, thrilled to find an organization that prioritized work-life balance and was willing to offer him loan repayment assistance. The client was equally pleased to find a candidate with his training who could start quickly and continue to learn from the team of providers already on staff. 

Though his status as a newly trained PMHNP might have been an obstacle, he was able to demonstrate his value with Hannah’s help. Ultimately, the client agreed he would make an excellent long-term addition to the team.

Are you seeking a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or APP job in another specialty? The recruitment team at Jackson Physician Search works with healthcare organizations all over the country that are hiring APPs at all stages of their careers. Reach out today to find out how we can support your job search, or start searching APP jobs online now.

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