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Medical Resident and Physician Recruiter Take a Leap of Faith and Stick the Landing

Jackson Physician Search
April 5, 2023

Though he still had a year of residency ahead of him and a fellowship, too, Dr. A. decided it was never too early to enter the preliminary stages of his first physician job search. He had begun to browse physician job boards as a way of pre-assessing the job market for orthopedic surgeons when Dr. A saw Director of Recruiting Katie Moeller’s ad for an Orthopedic Total Joint surgeon at a private orthopedic group in Illinois. Despite being an orthopedic surgery resident planning to pursue a spine surgery fellowship, he was immediately intrigued.

An Orthopedic Group With a Lot to Offer

In Katie’s physician job description, Dr. A noticed all the benefits the organization was offering, including autonomy, a flexible schedule, growth opportunities, and a fast track to partnership–all in a family-friendly, midwestern community. The group also exclusively served the two hospitals in the region, so its profitability was well-established. 

Dr. A was not exactly the target audience for the total joint job ad, but he liked what the employer was offering, and the small midwestern community sounded just right for his young family. He decided to reach out to Katie to express his interest in a future opportunity with the organization.

Planning for the Future

Katie could immediately see that Dr. A could be a great fit for the group. He was confident, down to earth, and eager to put down roots in the area. His time in the military gave him more (and different) experience than most residents, which Katie thought her client would appreciate. She knew the organization had plans to expand and decided to see if they would want (and be able) to secure an Orthopedic Spine surgeon for a start date nearly two years in the future. 

The CEO was extremely interested in talking to Dr. A. The group’s medical staffing plan had them hiring a spine surgeon by 2024, so if Dr. A was a good fit, they would be working ahead of schedule. After several phone conversations, the CEO invited Dr. A for an interview and insisted he bring his family so they could also gain a sense of the community. 

The visit was a huge success. Dr. A impressed all of the partners, and his family was made to feel right at home by the other physicians and their families. The CEO also introduced his family to Dr. A’s, and with kids of similar ages, the families instantly hit it off.  

Crafting a Competitive Offer

Katie knew Orthopedic Spine surgeons were in high demand, so when the client shared how much they wanted to hire Dr. A, she let them know that they would need to make a highly competitive offer if they hoped to gain his commitment now. 

The CEO went to one of the hospitals with a bold ask–would they be willing to provide a competitive salary guarantee for Dr. A’s first two years? After that, if all went well, he would be a partner earning as much or more than his initial salary. 

When Katie conveyed the news to Dr. A, he understood just how unbelievable the offer was and was thrilled to sign the contract. 

Successful Leaps of Faith

Dr. A was proactive and took a chance when he contacted Katie as a final-year medical resident pursuing a fellowship in a different specialty than she was looking to hire for, and it paid off. 

Thanks to Katie’s open mind, industry knowledge, and close partnership with the organization, she was able to recognize the compatibility and mutual needs between Dr. A and the orthopedic group. When Katie helped the CEO recognize this as well, he went out on a limb to secure Dr. A, and now the two parties can rest easy for the next two years. 

Whether you are a resident searching for your first physician job or an experienced physician seeking a change, the recruitment team at Jackson Physician Search is eager to help. We work with organizations large and small across the country seeking physicians in every kind of practice setting. Reach out today to learn how we can assist your job search, or get started now by searching for physician jobs online.


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