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Jackson Physician Search Recruiters Team Up to Help Family Medicine Physician Make a Desperately Needed Change

Jackson Physician Search
February 6, 2023

When a new administration brought unwelcome changes to Dr. W’s organization, he began actively searching for a new family medicine job. He’d spent most of his career practicing in Iowa, and he intended to finish his career there too. He planned to work another eight to ten years before retiring, but he refused to spend those years working for an organization he no longer believed in. He was ready to make a change, and it couldn’t happen soon enough.

A Promising (but Slow-Moving) Family Medicine Job Opportunity

Dr. W was monitoring physician job boards for new Family Medicine postings. When he saw an attractive opportunity in Iowa, he immediately reached out to the recruiter. Senior Search Consultant Don Evans enjoyed getting to know Dr. W and was quick to present him for the job opening. Don’s client, however, was unable to move as quickly as Dr. W wanted even though they agreed he would be a good fit. Don knew Dr. W was looking to make a change as soon as possible, so he broke the unfortunate news to his client that Dr. W was prepared to pursue other opportunities.

Teaming Up to Find a Better Fit

Don was disappointed that his client couldn’t meet Dr. W’s ideal timeline, but he hated the idea of not being able to help Dr. W find a better opportunity. He wondered if any of his colleagues had open Family Medicine jobs in Iowa. He turned to the Jackson Physician Search job board to find out, and sure enough, Senior Search Consultant Dan Rixon had recently posted a job that seemed like it would be a great fit.

Don introduced Dr. W to Dan, and Dan immediately recognized Dr. W as an ideal candidate for his client. Dr. W was not only already licensed and practicing in Iowa, but his ties to the state were strong, and he was actively searching for a physician job in rural Iowa. Dan’s client, an organization in a town with a population under six thousand, certainly fit the bill, and despite its size, the organization was offering 75th percentile compensation, schedule flexibility, and a highly sought-after state pension fund.    

An Organization Eager to Move Forward

Dr. W was indeed interested, and he encouraged Dan to present him for the job. The CEO of the organization, who was Dan’s point of contact with the client, was thrilled to learn about Dr. W and called him the very next day. The two hit it off over the phone, and he invited Dr. W to come for an on-site interview as soon as possible. Five days later, Dr. W was meeting his potential colleagues, and by the end of the interview, he had a verbal offer of employment. Just four days later, Dr. W signed the contract.  

Dan’s client was thrilled to have the position filled so quickly, and Dr. W was relieved to say goodbye to his former employer in exchange for an organization more in line with his values. 

Family Medicine Job Search Success

Dr. W’s physician job search success accelerated when he connected with a national physician recruitment firm. When Don couldn’t help Dr. W directly, he knew someone in the firm would likely have something that would be a good fit. Don connected Dr. W with Dan, and the process moved quickly from there. Dan’s client understood the importance of acting quickly with promising candidates, and likewise, Dr. W was happy to make himself available for calls and interviews. Dan kept the process moving, and soon both his client and Dr. W were beyond satisfied with the end result.

If your physician job search could benefit from a team of physician recruiters with access to opportunities across the nation, reach out to the Jackson Physician Search team today or start searching for physician jobs online now.

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