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Recruiter Helps Resident Find the Trifecta of Physician Jobs: J-1 Visa Sponsorship, Work-life Balance, and Loan Repayment

Jackson Physician Search
March 13, 2023

Beginning his final year of residency in Alabama, Dr. A was getting serious about his first physician job search. He needed to find an employer willing to sponsor his J-1 visa waiver, so he had to allow plenty of time as his options would be more limited. Even though his job options might be fewer than his fellow residents, he didn’t want to sacrifice work-life balance and much-needed loan repayment. He felt like he was looking for the perfect trifecta! Also, after visiting friends in coastal Mississippi, he loved the idea of living there and began to browse physician job boards with an eye for job postings in that area. 

Jackson Physician Search Search Consultant Cori Centerino was searching for a Family Medicine physician for her client, a multi-specialty group located on the coast. The mission-minded organization needed a physician to start as soon as possible. Cori prepared her client for a wait — the average time to fill a Family Medicine physician job nationally is more than seven months — but she was confident that with time she would find the right candidate.

An Attractive First Physician Job

Cori crafted a physician job posting highlighting what she knew to be the most attractive features of the job. In addition to the coastal location, the role was 100% outpatient with the flexibility to choose between a four, four and a half, or five-day work week. The job would be ideal for a physician prioritizing work-life balance. It also came with a signing bonus and, potentially, loan repayment. 

As it turned out, these qualities were exactly what caught Dr. A’s attention. After several years of an intense residency, finding a job that allowed a healthy work-life balance was extremely important to Dr. A (and his wife). The fact that the organization provided care to an underserved patient population was also appealing to him. 

An Organization Willing to Wait

When Dr. A reached out in response to Cori’s ad in June, she knew right away that he was a good fit, but both worried that the resident’s timeline was too long. As a resident, he would only be available to start after completing his training the following year. Still, Cori spoke to her client about him, and while the need was indeed urgent, they were willing to wait for the right candidate. The client called Dr. A for a phone interview and then invited him to visit the organization for an on-site interview.   

It was a few months before Dr. A and his wife were able to plan a visit, but when they did, they were blown away by the comfort and kindness they experienced. Dr. A hit it off with his potential colleagues, and both he and his wife liked the town. He didn’t want to rush into a decision but understood this opportunity was the trifecta he was hoping to find. 

“He wanted to be sure that he was making the right decision for the long run,” explains Cori. “I wanted to give him the time and space he needed while still conveying the urgency of my client. It was a delicate balance.”

An Ideal First Physician Job 

Ultimately, Cori’s dedication to helping Dr. A find a job that not only met his needs, but would also be one he could be happy with for years to come paid off. He signed a contract in early November with a commitment to starting with the clinic after the completion of his training. For Dr. A, the coastal location and flexibility were attractive. Still, it was the organization’s willingness to sponsor his J-1 visa waiver and, over time, pay off his student loans that made the decision right for him and his wife. It’s not every day a resident finds a job that checks every box. He appreciated that Cori did not pressure him to decide before he was ready, and instead put his needs first. This allowed him to explore his options and discover for himself that he had indeed found the perfect physician job. 

Whether you are a resident searching for your first physician job or an experienced physician seeking a change, the recruitment team at Jackson Physician Search is eager to help. We work with organizations large and small across the country seeking physicians in every kind of practice setting. Reach out today to learn how we can assist your job search, or get started now by searching for physician jobs online.


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