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It Takes a Village: Physician Recruiters Team Up to Help Physician Find the Perfect Fit

Jackson Physician Search
April 20, 2022

After serving a rural community in Idaho for more than twenty years, Dr. M and his wife were ready to move south to be closer to family in Texas. As a family medicine physician, Dr. M knew there would be plenty of family medicine job openings, but it was important to him that he find the right fit. He wanted to work for an organization where he could make a real impact.  

When he received a marketing job email from Jackson Physician Search regarding an attractive family medicine job in Texas, Dr. M reached out to the recruiter, David Isenberg. David was quick to respond and the initial conversation proved to be the first of many. The two had instant rapport, and David felt Dr. M would be a good fit for his client. 

Ultimately, the opportunity did not pan out for Dr. M, but David asked if they could stay in touch. Dr. M agreed. In the meantime, he planned to start the process of getting a Texas medical license so he could work as locum tenens until the right opportunity came along. Dr. M thanked David for keeping him in mind for future Family Medicine job openings.

A Commitment to Serving Physicians

David would do more than just keep him in mind. He had formed a connection with Dr. M and genuinely wanted to help him take the next step in his career. Though David did not have any current Texas clients with a Family Medicine job opening, he knew that others in his Jackson Physician Search regional office might. David reached out to several of our recruiters and made the introductions. 

When David introduced Dr. M to JPS Senior Search Consultant Don Evans, Don did not have an active Family Medicine search open but knew it wouldn’t be long before he did. He reached out to Dr. M for a “get-to-know-you” call. The two instantly hit it off. They were in similar stages of life, and Don understood Dr. M’s motivation for change. 

A Client with an Urgent Family Medicine Need

A few weeks later, Don received a client in rural Texas, about an hour outside of Houston. The organization had been searching for a Family Medicine physician for over six months, and they were ready to enlist the help of a national physician recruitment firm. The need had become urgent, and the CEO was clear about wanting a Texas-licensed physician who could start right away.    

When Don met with the new client, Dr. M immediately came to mind. Dr. M was clinically qualified, interested in working in that part of Texas, and Don knew from their initial conversation that Dr. M would be enthusiastic about the scope of the specific role. He also had the experience to expand the service line of the clinic to do more women’s health, something Don hoped the client would find appealing. 

A Perfect Fit

“I just knew Dr. M was right for this role,” says Don. “But he didn’t check every single one of the client’s boxes, so I picked the right moment and said, ‘You gotta see him. This is the one.’”

The administration agreed to meet with Dr. M, and Don’s instinct proved to be right–they fell in love with him. Even the CEO, who rarely spent any length of time with candidates, spent half a day with him. Dr. M was qualified, enthusiastic, and extremely personable–everything they needed in the role.

Dr. M was equally impressed. He felt he could make an impact at the clinic, and its location put him within an hour of his mother, the primary reason he was moving to Texas. When the organization extended a generous offer, he didn’t have to think twice before accepting, and he started the job almost immediately.

An “Others First” Culture of Teamwork

The culture of teamwork at Jackson Physician Search played a critical role in Dr. M’s physician job search success. When David introduced Don to Dr. M, it was because he truly had Dr. M’s best interests at heart and knew his teammate, Don, might be able to help. David’s “others first” mentality allowed him to put Dr. M’s needs before his own desire to secure the placement. This is a core value of Jackson Physician Search and one that carries through everything we do. 

Don also attributes the success to his own ability to fully understand both the needs of the client and the needs of Dr. M, who had become a good friend. 

“It was an honor to work with Dr. M,” says Don. “He’s such a genuine person, and I was thrilled to find him an opportunity where I truly believe he will be happy for the rest of his career.” 

If you want to work with a physician recruiter that will keep your best interests in mind, the team at Jackson Physician Search would love to get to know you and find out how we can help. Contact a physician recruiter today to learn more.


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