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An Inside Look on Placing a Massachusetts OB/GYN

A Peek Behind the Physician Recruitment Curtain: The Magic of Doximity


Jackson Physician Search leverages its ability to reach passive candidates through its unique access to Doximity and successfully recruits an OBGYN to her dream job.

A Peek Behind the Physician Recruitment Curtain: The Magic of Doximity

Healthcare organizations make the decision to partner with a physician recruitment firm for a wide variety of reasons, one of which is when they are faced with a complicated search. Perhaps the location is remote, or the patient population faces unique challenges; maybe the compensation is lower than the median, or supply and demand in the specialty is extremely unbalanced. Whatever the reason, the Jackson Physician Search recruiters rise to the challenge, leveraging a tried and true process that produces results time and time again. 

While a magician may never reveal his tricks, the physician recruiters at Jackson Physician Search are quick to give credit where it’s due. In many situations, as was the case for a small-town Massachusetts practice in search of an OB/GYN, their success is due to the magic of Doximity.

The Evolution of Physician Recruitment

In the tightening physician recruitment market, those tasked with hiring physicians must use the most effective tools available to connect, engage, and recruit physicians. So which tools are the most successful physician recruiters using? It’s no secret that Jackson Physician Search has long championed a 100% digital physician recruitment strategy. Just as Jackson Physician Search pioneered the shift from direct mail campaigns to multiple online physician job boards and extensive email marketing, we also have been one of the first to adopt online professional networking to enhance and accelerate physician recruitment

An Online Community for Physicians

Enter Silicon Valley start-up, Doximity. Launched in 2010, the niche online networking site for medical professionals quickly became the nation’s largest online community of physicians. Today, over 80% of the nation’s physicians are verified members, and 50% of nurse practitioners and physician assistants have also claimed their profiles. While the site was not created exclusively for recruitment, the founders quickly recognized its potential for physician recruiters who wanted to reach out to individual physicians about specific opportunities for which they would be a good fit. 

Characteristics involving access to individual physicians, specific opportunities, and focus on fit would set Doximity apart from other professional networking sites. The founders understood that physicians would not want to be aggressively pursued about multiple jobs in which they held no interest. To protect physicians, Doximity set the bar high for access, financially and with the rules of engagement. Every recruiter using the site needs an individual license, and each “DocMail” he or she sends to contact a physician must be personalized and unique. This prevents recruiters from casting too wide of a net and spamming physicians with opportunities for which they are an unlikely fit. 

A Tool is Only As Powerful as Its User

The leaders at Jackson Physician Search leadership were early adopters of Doximity for recruiting, and today, we are the only physician recruitment firm that can claim every single recruiter has an individual license for the site.

Why are we willing to make this investment? We quickly understood the potential Doximity holds as a physician community, but we also know that a tool is only as powerful as its user. So, in addition to a financial investment, we make an investment of time. Our recruiters go through extensive training to become experts on the breadth of what Doximity can do, including how to master its search functionality to find the exact physicians they need. With this training, not to mention the expertise that comes with ongoing use, our recruiters consistently see results from Doximity. 

Doximity in Action

A recent search for an OB/GYN in Massachusetts demonstrates the previously mentioned “magic” of Doximity. When Senior Director of Recruiting Christen Kolloff was tasked with the search for a client in a small, western Massachusetts town, she immediately turned to Doximity. She knew from past use that it would provide unrivaled access to practicing physicians and allow her to narrow her search to those who possessed the specific credentials her client needed. 

Meanwhile, Doximity member Dr. A found herself working in Connecticut at what she thought would be her forever job. However, as it did for so many physicians, the pandemic ushered in a change of plans. The once thriving practice that had offered her a track to partnership was no longer able to do so. With her career trajectory now uncertain, Dr. A knew she needed to start searching for a new position.

Thanks to Doximity, the position found her. Hoping to facilitate a quick match, Christen had initially used the tool to create a search for OB/GYNs who were already living and working in the area. Dr. A rose to the top of the search results, so Christen messaged her by sending a DocMail outlining the details of the position and why she thought the job would be a good fit. Coincidentally, Dr. A was not only familiar with the group’s location, but she had a personal love and connection to the small town. This immediately sparked her interest, and she responded to Christen right away. 

Christen was thrilled to hear back from Dr. A and learn of her personal ties to the area. If Dr. A had any doubts, her interest was confirmed when she heard that she would be able to attend deliveries frequently, something she enjoys but was not required at her current practice. 

Christen presented Dr. A to her client, who agreed Dr. A was an excellent candidate and invited her to interview as soon as possible. Within three months, Dr. A accepted an offer and was on her way to a new OB/GYN position in a location she loves. This time around, she really found her forever job.

Physician Recruitment Magic 

The details of this search are straightforward, and yet, Christen knows she might not have ever connected with Dr. A were it not for Doximity. After all, Dr. A was not in an active job search, so it was unlikely that her CV would find its way to Christen. 

“There is not another sourcing tool that could have led me to Dr. A,” said Christen. “Doximity allows me to be very specific with search parameters allowing me to connect with passive candidates I wouldn’t have access to otherwise.” 

Thanks to the unparalleled access Doximity provides, Christen was able to quickly source and place a candidate who is an excellent fit for her client. For this reason, the placement even earned her the title of Doximity’s “Hire of the Quarter.”

If you have a tough search that could benefit from our powerful access to candidates, reach out to the Jackson Physician Recruitment team today. 

Key Takeaways

  • Jackson Physician Search excels in addressing complicated physician and provider searches, leveraging digital tools and a tried-and-true process for successful outcomes.
  • All Jackson Physician Search recruiters have access to and can reach passive candidates through Doxmity, with over 85% of the nation’s physicians being verified members.

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