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[Infographic Guide] What Residents Want: 6 Tactics to Successfully Recruit Graduating Medical Residents

Jackson Physician Search
April 26, 2021

Considering that 2 of 5 currently practicing physicians are at or near retirement age and the staggering physician shortage estimates, medical residents may be the missing puzzle piece to complete your physician staffing plan. If your facility is considering engaging medical residents now or in the future, learn 6 tactics to successfully recruit them.


The Missing Piece

Residents begin the job search process 12-18 months prior to completing their training, making spring prime-time recruiting season. With a growing physician shortage and rising retirements, they can help fill any gaps in your medical staffing plan.

The AAMC estimates the physician shortage will be between 54,100 and 139,000 physicians by 2033.

More than 2 of 5 currently practicing physicians are at or near retirement age.

1. Recruit Using Digital Sourcing Methods

  • Be actively engaged where Millenial residents are: ONLINE
  • Utilize social media, job boards, targeted email campaigns, and professional medical networking sites like Doximity

2. Build a Recruitment Pipeline

Practicing continuous recruitment allows your facility to be nimble when filling a physician vacancy.

Create relationships with local residency programs. It can be beneficial to be seen as a trusted resource for these young professionals. Offering advice or career insights can establish rapport and trust, plus you are laying the groundwork for future opportunities.

3. Give Them Data

Be prepared with current, accurate data about the position, such as patient volumes, compensation structure, performance expectations, etc. Instead of rattling off volumes of data over the phone, provide highlights and follow up with a more detailed email for them to review when they have a moment.

4. Wow Residents with an Exceptional On-site Interview

Include all key players in the interview process:

  • Senior leadership should sell the vision
  • Peers to make the candidate feel welcome
  • Community partners, like real estate agents, can help the family imagine living in your community

5. Tailor the Offer to the Needs of Residents

Residents appreciate incentives such as:

  • Loan repayment
    • Considering the average student loan debt after medical school is $200,000 or more, try adding loan repayment to the offer
  • Sign-on bonus
  • Flexible schedules
    • Residents have spent a great amount of time in school and likely have young families. Offering flexible scheduling can help attract and retain top talent, and has shown to improve patient outcomes

Since it is likely a resident’s first physician contract, take time to review it together, allowing them opportunities to ask questions.

6. Communicate Career Development Programs

Early career physicians want to join an organization where they can grow. Provide them with a mentor, or leadership programs to demonstrate where their career can go.

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