[Infographic Guide] Address Key Generational Differences to Improve Rural Physician Recruitment


The results of the recent Rural Physician Recruitment and Staffing Survey show that 90% of physicians are open to considering a rural physician job if conditions are right. Physicians are drawn to rural medicine for a number of reasons, and the report suggests those differences often vary along generational lines. By discovering what each generation is most attracted to about rural medicine, organizations can more effectively market their open positions to physicians of every stage of life. Keep reading to learn how to address key generational differences to improve rural physician recruitment results.

Address Key Generational Differences to Improve Rural Physician Recruitment Results

An encouraging 90% of urban and suburban physicians are open to rural medicine if conditions are right, according to the 2022 Rural Physician Recruitment and Staffing Survey. A deeper look at this new data reveals what appeals most to each generation, so you can more effectively market rural medicine jobs to physicians at every stage of life.  

90% of physicians would consider rural practice if the conditions are well-aligned with their most important wants and needs.

  • 64% want higher compensation, bonuses, and benefits
  • 47% want flexible hours
  • 46% want improved work/life balance

Money Talks…to Everyone

Compensation is overwhelmingly the top reason physicians in every generation would consider rural medicine. 

  • 62% Baby Boomers
  • 63% Gen X
  • 72% Millennial

Promote Flexibility and Patient-centered Culture to Attract Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers

Most likely to already work in a rural setting 

55% of urban / suburban Baby Boomers say the ability to work part-time or have flex hours would prompt them to consider rural medicine

44% of Baby Boomer physicians say a flexible schedule or a part-time one would entice them to stay at their current organization for the next five years

37% of Baby Boomer physicians say “patient-focused” is  the most important attribute of an organization’s culture 

36% of Baby Boomers already practicing rural medicine chose to do so because it allowed them to spend more time with patients. 

To Win Over Gen X, Highlight the Ability to Make in Impact (and Have the Time and Finances to Live a More Balanced Life)

Gen X

Most likely to say they are personally (47%) and professionally (43%) unfulfilled

51% of urban / suburban Gen X physicians say improved work / life balance would make them consider rural medicine 

39% of Gen X physicians say physician autonomy is the most important attribute of an organization’s culture

For the Gen X physicians already working in rural practice, money is a huge motivator. 49% chose it because of higher compensation and 52% were swayed by a more affordable cost of living. 57% said compensation is the best way to retain them for the next five or more years.

Focus on a Healthy Work-Life Balance and a Family-friendly Environment to Recruit Millennials


Most likely to be married to a physician (18%) 

30% of Millennials say student loan payoff could entice them to work in rural medicine

40% of Millennial physicians say supports work / life balance is the most important aspect of an organization’s culture

Most likely to say visa assistance and proximity to family / friends / colleagues would prompt them to consider a rural job


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