[Infographic Guide] Win More Physicians: 6 Tips for a Best-in-Class Interview Experience


Physician recruitment can be a lengthy and costly process. A vacancy not only impacts your facility’s ability to care for patients, it also can have a detrimental effect on your bottom line. It is common to invest up to $250K in the candidate you ultimately hire, including marketing, interview expenses, sign-on bonus, and relocation stipend. One strategy for reducing your time-to-fill is to develop a best-in-class single, interview process. Learn six tips to create an interview experience that is effective at winning over more physicians.

Win More Physicians: 6 Tips for a Best-in-Class Interview Process

  1. Commit to a single, comprehensive on-site interview that is customized for the candidate.
  2. Designate key players in the interview process.
  3. Generate feelings of collegiality, excitement, and a sense of being welcome.
  4. Clearly communicate the shared values and mission of your organization.
  5. Tailor the community tour to the candidate and their family.
  6. Deliver an offer within one week of the interview – if not the same day or the following.

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