Physician Recruitment ROI Calculator

Try our calculator to see how long it takes to fill a physician specialty and its impact on your revenue.

Faster Placement Means Greater ROI

Use our Physician Recruitment ROI Calculator to identify the difference a faster time-to-fill will have on your revenue stream. Get started by selecting the specialty of the physician and input how long the position has been open, the calculator does the rest. The results show revenue you have missed out on while the position is open. It will also show the revenue you would earn if you utilize Jackson Physician Search based on our average time-to-fill for that specialty.

Where do your candidates come from and how much do they cost you?

The competition for healthcare candidates is intense. An effective sourcing strategy must be comprehensive and responsive. Every day your vacancy costs your organization revenue and patients.

Sourcing high-quality physician and advanced practice candidates is the sole focus of the expert recruiters at Jackson Physician Search. Your recruitment team has multiple responsibilities they are juggling. Additionally, our technologically driven approach brings your open position to the marketplace quickly, and responsively, reaching active and passive physician candidates across the country.

By filling your open positions even weeks sooner, your recruitment ROI improves significantly.


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Faster Placement, Greater Return on Investment

We Streamline your search for an increase in ROI.

  • Optimize your time and sourcing dollars through targeted outreach.
  • Attract qualified candidates via targeted emails, social networks, and national job boards.
  • Leverage our robust database of attentive physician candidates with database automatch.
  • Accurately budget and control expenses with our transparent and affordable fee structure.
  • Improve the candidate experience and conversion rates through engagement analytics.
  • Client and physician satisfaction surveys meaning constant insight and progress.

Faster Placement, Greater Return on Investment

Experienced and Trusted Physician Search Partner

  • Feel secure with our focus on partnerships and determination to delight our client partners.
  • Benefit from our experienced recruiters and leadership, with over 125 years of physician recruiting experience, collectively.
  • Enjoy the transparency of our fee structure, contract terms, pricing, and process.

Experienced and Trusted Physician Search Partner