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Candidate Interview Gives Physician Recruiter Goosebumps

Jackson Physician Search
December 28, 2021

We’ve all been through the woes of the job hunt journey: sprucing up your resume, researching the pros and cons of your next move, filling out application after application, then finally navigating the arduous interview process. After a while, it can get tiresome.

And on the other side of the journey, there is an organization flipping through an array of cover letters, weeding out unqualified candidates, conducting multiple interviews, and still struggling to find the right fit for its open position.

The addition of a physician recruiter can help to seamlessly bridge the gap between the two. Not only do they know the ins and outs of the needs of the organization they’re working with, but they also work with potential candidates to find physicians like you the opportunity of your dreams.

One private Orthopedic group in St. Louis found itself in need of help after deciding to expand its worker’s compensation program by bringing on an Occupational Medicine physician. The group’s administrator turned to Jackson Physician Search to help find the perfect doctor.

When Jackson Physician Search Director of Recruiting Katie Moeller originally took on this client, she knew she had her work cut out for her – there are very few dedicated Occupational Medicine residency programs, and not every Internal Medicine or Preventative Health residency program provides as much experience in Occupational Medicine as this position would require.

Not only did the ideal candidate need to have the necessary clinical know-how – he or she also needed to have a bubbly, charismatic personality that could forge strong relationships with the institutions and companies in the area so the practice could continue to grow its worker’s compensation care services.

It wasn’t until Katie found Dr. W that the seemingly difficult search started to improve. Read on to learn why this placement gave her goosebumps.

A Unique Career Path

Dr. W originally was a chiropractor who later became a doctor. In addition to completing an Internal Medicine Residency and a Public Health and Preventive Medicine Residency, he also brought significant “real world” business experience to the table. Reflecting on the recruitment process, Katie credits Dr. W with making it very easy for her to successfully position him as the ideal candidate for her client.

First, during his initial call with Katie, Dr. W. was able to outline his primary goals clearly: 1.) to provide the highest standard of care to his patients 2.) to practice in an environment that appreciates physician autonomy and independence; somewhere he could really make an impact both on the lives of his patients and the growth of the business.

Second, he shared a customized cover letter with Katie that explained why he was interested in speaking with the Orthopedic group she was recruiting for. Many times, a recruiter’s most difficult job is to convince a practice that a candidate with no ties to the city or region is legitimately interested in their position, so Dr. W made sure to leave no doubt that he was highly intrigued by the professional opportunity.

Taking all of this into account, Katie was able to present Dr. W to the Orthopedic group with the utmost confidence. She recommended they move ahead expediently by bringing him to St. Louis for an in-person interview. After several of the physicians and the CEO of the practice met Dr. W in a virtual interview, they did not doubt that it was worth bringing him on-site.

Sealing the Deal

Katie, a St. Louis native, coordinated with the group to organize a community tour for Dr. W and his girlfriend, as she knew that selling the location was almost as important as the position itself.

Dr. W had never considered St. Louis as a city he’d want to settle in, so Katie’s personal experience and knowledge of the city helped her determine the best highlights to showcase on the tour. She even went so far as to set up the doctor with a real estate agent to help him figure out potential housing options and researched nursing schools for Dr. W’s girlfriend.

That night, Dr. W attended a sit-down dinner with all 10 partners of the Orthopedic group. They were all blown away by his shining personality and his business savvy – two qualities that made him stand out among the rest of the candidates in their hiring pipeline.

After that night, the group knew the choice was clear, as did Dr. W. In fact, Katie spoke with each the next day and she said, “I had goosebumps after hearing the level of excitement from both parties. I knew that this was the perfect fit for Dr. W and my client.”

The Secret to Success: A Dedicated Physician Recruiter

Through constant communication and collaboration, Katie was able to find Dr. W an incredible, unique opportunity in mere months. Dr. W’s concerns and questions were answered thoroughly every step of the way, and with Katie’s expert knowledge of St. Louis, she was able to help him picture his new life in the city.

It just goes to show that establishing a relationship between a recruiter and physician built on trust can make all the difference for your career search.

If you are seeking a new physician career and want a partner who will listen to your specific needs and wants, and will find you the best job opportunity, contact us today.

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