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[Recruitment Guide] How to Expertly Execute Physician Site Visits

Jackson Physician Search
September 17, 2018


Part 2 of our Guide to Physician Recruitment focuses on site visits. How you execute a physician site visit has a huge impact on the decision of your candidate. This recruitment guide has tips that will help you prepare for site visits. You can view or download the entire guide for free. Part 1 is our guide to developing a strategic physician recruitment plan.

Physician Recruiting Guide Part 2 – Physician Site Visits

How to Expertly Execute Physician Site Visits

Physicians and their families have unique needs when considering a career move or new practice setting. A personalized and refined physician site visit is essential.

Do everything in your power to target the type of physicians who would appreciate your unique characteristics. Present your community and facility favorably. Control the sensory-emotional experience you deliver, from the very first contact to the final follow-up, and every touch in between.

Recruiters who successfully coordinate and manage the physician site visit will position their organizations to:
Rise above the competition
Earn the trust of the physician and spouse
Become their number one choice

The organization will have a healthier interview-to-hire ratio, faster time-to-fill, higher acceptance rate, and lower recruitment expenses.

Overcome the “Practice Utopia” Expectation

Most physicians understand there is no perfect job in the perfect place. Their mindset is both: Optimistic (hoping to fulfill their needs and wants) & Cautious (looking out for risk or challenges)

Bad News: You can’t control your location
Good News: You can control your interview experience
Once a physician identifies your location, they focus on fit.

Set Expectation Before the Site Visit
Do: Listen for both work and family needs
Do: Uncover and address issues in advance
Don’t: Bring a physician in for an interview if deal-killers exist

Speak with the Spouse

  • Gain insight into how involved they will be in the decision.
  • Understand their expectations.
  • Explore the family’s needs with open-ended questions.
  • Foster connections.
  • Avoid unimportant time wasters.

The Site Visit is the…

Key time to determine cultural, operational and philosophical fit. “Secret Sauce” that differentiates hospitals and facilities who recruit successfully from the rest. Opportunity to create a feeling of familiarity that permeates the entire interview process.

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