Focus on Fit: A Cultural Blueprint for Successful Physician Recruitment


This presentation, given by our President at the 2018 MGMA Annual Meeting, explains why cultural fit is so important and how to create a physician recruitment blueprint that focuses on fit.

Focus on Fit: A Cultural Blueprint for Successful Physician Recruitment

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze the motivations and personal needs of physicians, advanced providers and their families
  • Outline a blueprint for a sustainable culture that accelerates recruitment and fosters retention
  • Differentiate their organization in the best marketplace through recognition as a best place to work


  • Culture: What and Why?
  • Examples
  • How To’s

Pathway to Culture as a Competitive Advantage


  1. Apply for Certification as a Great Place to Work
  2. Survey Employees – Get Results
  3. Interpret Results – Tie quantitative business results to outcomes
  4. Share Results with Leaders – Set up an Executive Insights Session to help your leaders understand results and align around next steps
  5. Reflect & Respond to Employees – Execute a communication plan that builds trust
  6. Confirm Focus Areas – Collect additional insight through focus groups, interviews, or a customized full census or pulse survey
  7. Take Action – Design a support and accountability plan to drive change

 Evaluating Best Workplaces

For All – A great workplace for everyone regardless of who you are or what you do in your company.

Innovation – A culture that enables a company to continuously improve, adapt quickly, and generate game-changing opportunities.

Executive Team Effectiveness – A high functioning executive leadership team that inspires followership and strategic cohesion at every level of the business.


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