Recruiting Physicians to Rural America

Data shows 90% of physicians will consider a rural physician job if the conditions are right.

Recruiting Doctors to Rural Areas

Jackson Physician Search recruits more physicians to rural communities than any other search firm.

With more than 40 years of experience and 10,000+ successful physician placements across the U.S., we recognize that recruiting physicians to rural communities is often challenging. The key to success is having the greatest access to candidates, understanding physicians’ most important wants and needs in a rural job opportunity, and prioritizing cultural fit for long-term physician retention. This is why we are successful in making a perfect match between a physician and a rural healthcare facility.

In our 2022 Rural Physician Recruitment Survey, we learned that physicians practicing in urban locations look for higher compensation (64%), more flexibility (47%), and improved work/life balance (46%) when considering rural opportunities.

While this is what it takes to recruit doctors away from larger cities, once they settle into a rural community, our research shows that work/life balance (46%) is why they stay. Other factors that support long-term physician retention include higher compensation (44%) and an affordable cost of living (42%).

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Need Help Filling a Rural Position?

Rural Physicians: State of the Market

Factors that escalate the difficulty of recruiting physicians to rural areas

Physician retirements are imminent, with 40% of active physicians across the nation reaching age 65 within the next decade. Compounding this anticipated exit is the reality that the percentage is even higher in rural areas.

Additionally, increasing rates of physician burnout is driving physicians to make employment changes. Our 2022 research with MGMA shows that 51% of physicians are considering leaving their current employer and another 36% are considering accelerating their retirement plans.

Adding to the challenge of rural physician recruitment, rural-raised medical students have declined, even though overall medical school enrollment has increased. This is significant because we know that these are the ones most likely to practice in rural areas.

Rural Physicians: State of the Market

Physician Retention Begins at Recruitment

Hiring for fit is a recruitment philosophy that aims to increase long-term retention. By being realistic about the job opportunity itself, offering a competitive salary, and focusing your efforts on candidates whose personal values are well-aligned with your organizational values, together we will be more successful.

Physician Recruitment Strategies for a Rural Hospital

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Physician Recruitment Strategies for a Rural Hospital