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Recruiter’s Commitment Leads to Win-Win Physician Placement

Jackson Physician Search
June 13, 2019

It is no secret that finding your ideal job as a physician can be an overwhelming process.  Once you’ve taken the time to figure out what is most important to you – be it compensation, flexible hours, or time spent with patients – the sometimes grueling process of sifting through job postings to find a position that seems like the right fit can make anyone want to throw their hands in the air. Thankfully, working directly with a physician recruiter can make the job search process a pleasant one, as was the case for Dr. Joe and Don Evans, Senior Search Consultant here at Jackson Physician Search.

Don was tasked with the search for a new physician at a rural clinic in South Dakota. With three of their physicians retiring in the near future, clinic leadership knew they needed a partner to help them fill their upcoming vacancy. As is so often the case, the rural location in South Dakota was going to be a challenge, but the clinic had many positive aspects to balance out that equation. It has been in operation for 85 years and has successfully established an on-site pharmacy, labs and imaging facilities, and very efficient processes for scribing and medical records.  All of this means the physicians can spend more time with the patient.

During the process of recruiting for the clinic, a fellow Jackson Physician Search recruiter forwarded Don the contact information for a family medicine physician whose practice of 15 years had been bought out by a large health system. He was located in the state of Washington and had recently begun testing the waters to see if other opportunities were available.  Don established contact with Dr. Joe, and the two quickly established an important rapport.  Dr. Joe can be described as a “Doctor’s Doctor.”  He puts patient care above all else and was resistant to the time constraints and other changes that were implemented by the health system. The bureaucracy and inefficiencies in the medical records systems were adding hours to his already long days.

Don and Dr. Joe spent a lot of time on the phone talking about life and family, and what that might look like in a new setting should Dr. Joe find the right opportunity. Currently, work was consuming all of Dr. Joe’s life, and he barely had time to see his family and never had time for hobbies or personal activities. Together, through many hours of communication at all hours and even on weekends, they began crafting a plan of what the right opportunity would look like.

Eventually, Don realized that the clinic in South Dakota would provide Dr. Joe with everything he was looking for, both personally and professionally.  Dr. Joe was hesitant because he was unsure about making such a major move from the state of Washington to South Dakota. During one of their frequent calls, Don asked Joe when the last time was that he had sat down with his family and had a meal together.  After a long silence, Dr. Joe realized it had been three years.  He then agreed to at least make a site visit and hear what the clinic leadership had to say.

The clinic administrator knew that their location was always going to be a hurdle that they had to overcome when recruiting physicians to work there.  He made sure that the entire staff was onboard and prepared to make an invaluable first impression on Dr. Joe.  During the visit, Dr. Joe met with the other physicians, most of which are partners in the practice, and they even went out on a hunting expedition. A hobby that Dr. Joe never has time for in his current situation.

The visit was highly successful, but Dr. Joe still had trepidation. He was worried that his family would not be happy in such a small community.  After a few more weeks, Dr. Joe’s family was able to make a site visit, and as fate would have it, his wife fell in love with the family-friendly community and also learned that a childhood friend lives an hour away in Sioux Falls.  From that point on, she played an integral role in convincing Dr. Joe that the move would be the best thing for their entire family. Another important factor in Dr. Joe eventually agreeing to accept the offer was the level of trust and the friendship that developed between himself and Don. Because they built up that bond through all of their conversations, Dr. Joe felt comfortable listening to Don’s insight and trusted his expertise while making a life-changing decision for him and his family.

The result was a win-win for the physician and the clinic. Dr. Joe got the work/life balance he wanted and the clinic got a physician that is dedicated to outstanding patient care.

If you are ready to make a change in your physician career, trust the experts at Jackson Physician Search.  Our recruitment professionals take the time to learn and understand what is important for you, your family, and your career.  Contact us today.

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