Art or Science? Effective Physician Recruitment and Retention Requires Both


Need to build a better recruitment process? Learn the best practices to master effective physician recruitment using the art of building strong relationships and the science of deploying effective recruitment tools.

Art or Science? Effective Physician Recruitment and Retention Requires Both

Innovative Recruiting Best Practices

6 tips to winning top physician talent in a highly competitive market

  1. Draft a winning interview team
  2. Recruit aggressively
  3. Timeliness is critical
  4. Your recruiter is your best ally
  5. Be flexible
  6. Be prepared to make a decision

Get Discovered by Passive Candidates

  • 60% of physicians’ most popular activities on social are following what colleagues are sharing and discussing
  • 2/3 of doctors are using social media for professional services
  • 31% of healthcare professionals use social media for professional networking and development

6 Practical Steps to Optimize Fit

  1. Define Ideal Candidate Profile
  2. Use Segmentation Technology
  3. Laser-Target Candidate Search
  4. Customize Candidate Outreach
  5. Consider Cultural Fit During Interview Process
  6. Hire for Fit

Customize the Interview Process

  • Make the Candidate Feel Special
  • Make the On-site Interview Memorable
  • Utilize You Most Engaging Team Members
  • Include the Candidate’s Family
  • 60% Social and 40% Business
  • Sell the Vision

Recruiting for Retention Drives ROI

Turnover costs well over $1 million per physician. The right hire can sometimes cost you in excess of $250,000 including search expenses, sign-on bonuses, income guarantees, and relocation costs. The wrong hire can cost you over $1,000,000 because the average revenue for a physician is $1,448,458.

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