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Doximity Helps Recruiter Place Two Physicians Within Six Months at an Indiana FQHC


Search Consultant Ryan Haynes leveraged his experience working with FQHCs and his advanced understanding of Doximity to help an integrated behavioral health clinic replace a retiring psychiatrist and hire a new family medicine physician.

Doximity Helps Recruiter Place Two Physicians Within Six Months at an Indiana FQHC

Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers (FQHCs) exist to provide care to medically underserved populations and areas. They can be in rural or urban areas and receive federal funding to treat patients regardless of their ability to pay. With more than 15,000 FQHCs across the U.S., these clinics are often the only point of care for the surrounding communities. However, the clinics can only treat patients if they can hire providers to deliver care — and with federal funding limitations and challenging locations, this can be extremely difficult. 

Fortunately, Search Consultant Ryan Haynes has always embraced a challenge. Since beginning his career in physician recruiting, he has continuously worked with FQHCs and is passionate about bringing high-quality patient care to underserved communities. He knows recruiting to FQHCs can mean overcoming obstacles and requires a unique candidate. When he was assigned to help an integrated behavioral health clinic in Indiana replace a retiring psychiatrist and simultaneously hire a new family medicine physician, he was ready to get to work.

One Clinic, Two Physicians

The clinic is a patient-centered medical home for the severely mentally ill, providing primary care and mental health care to the most underrepresented populations in the greater Indianapolis area. With a physician’s retirement fast approaching and an already vacant family medicine position, Ryan recognized the urgency involved with both searches. However, he was confident in his ability to find the right candidates for the jobs. He planned to leverage his license to search Doximity, the largest online network of physicians. Jackson Physician Search is the only recruitment firm to provide a Doximity license to each of its recruiters, and Ryan is skilled at using the tool’s advanced search filters to identify matching providers in the immediate area. 

Ryan strategically filtered his searches in the Doximity database to show qualified active and passive candidates already living in the community. He knew a local candidate would best understand the needs of the area and, if interested, would most likely be able to move quickly. He began to contact them one by one through Doximity.

Full Circle

Ryan began reaching out to each individual in his refined candidate pools, but the first one that stood out was Dr. H, a psychiatrist living nearby. Ryan sent Dr. H a DocMail, and they scheduled a call. In their first conversation, Ryan was amazed to learn that Dr. H’s first job out of residency had been with the very same behavioral health clinic for which Ryan was now recruiting!

Dr. H explained that he had left the practice seven years prior for a remote position that allowed him to support his wife’s health needs. Now available to work in person, Dr. H shared that he had loved working at the clinic and would be thrilled to be presented for the opportunity. It was an obvious match. Ryan presented Dr. H as a candidate, and within two and a half weeks, he was signed back into the same department where he began his career.

Doximity Delivers Again 

Ryan persisted with the search for a family medicine physician, continually using Doximity to identify and reach out to local candidates. In his strategic search, he came across Dr. S, a Family Medicine physician at a local nonprofit. Ryan messaged her through Doximity, and the two promptly scheduled a time to discuss the opportunity with the behavioral health clinic.

In their conversation, Dr. S shared her passion for serving her community but felt her current practice did not offer the room for growth or work-life balance described when she accepted the job out of residency. Ryan assured her that the position with his client would offer ample administrative and patient care time and allow the opportunity for her goals to become a reality. 

Ryan could tell that Dr. S’s compassionate attitude and experience aligned perfectly with the mission and values of the behavioral health clinic. Everyone agreed she was an excellent match when he presented her to its leadership team. In just six months, the search was completed in another impressive timeline. 

Secrets of FQHC Recruitment Success

Ryan’s history working with FQHCs meant he understood both the unique constraints and needs. He formed a deep understanding of the practice and its challenges and brought the resources needed to overcome them. Of course, his success is also a result of his expert understanding of Doximity. A power user of the Doximity database and search tools, Ryan strategically leveraged this effective tool to identify the candidates who would best meet the clinic’s needs. Once he connected with Dr. H and then Dr. S, he knew he had found physicians who would fit, succeed, and stay. 

Regardless of your organization’s recruitment challenges, the Jackson Physician Search recruitment team has the expertise and resources to accelerate your efforts. Reach out today to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  1. Ryan’s extensive experience working with FQHCs gave him a unique understanding of the clinic’s needs and the types of candidates who would be most likely to be a good fit.
  2. A power user of Doximity, Ryan’s advanced understanding of the tool allowed him to strategically target his search for candidates who would best meet the clinic’s needs.

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