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Recruiter Helps Nebraska FQHC Find Physician in 13 Days

Physician Recruiter Makes Her Own Luck, Secures 13-Day Family Medicine Placement for a Nebraska FQHC


A record-setting 13-day Family Medicine search at a Nebraska FQHC showcases the power of cutting-edge tools and regional expertise, demonstrating how swift and efficient physician recruitment can be when the right strategies align.

Physician Recruiter Makes Her Own Luck, Secures 13-Day Family Medicine Placement for a Nebraska FQHC

Exactly how long does it take to place a physician? How long, and of course, how much will it cost? While there are several industry resources to guide expectations (the Jackson Physician Search Recruitment ROI Calculator and MGMA’s DataDive Provider Compensation Data, to name two), the reality is sometimes it boils down to good timing and a bit of luck. This is how Search Consultant Addyson Wilgus humbly explains her recent success at an FQHC in Nebraska. The 13-day Family Medicine placement would be a triumph for any recruiter, but was it luck or the results of a dedicated physician recruiter working the process?  

A 13-day placement is almost unheard of, and I hesitate to share this story for fear it could skew clients’ expectations, and yet, it’s worth examining how a 13-day placement was made possible. 

I’d say luck was involved, sure. Addyson created her own luck by diligently working the tried and true Jackson Physician Search process of digital physician recruitment–a process we established over a decade ago and one that we continue to hone every day as new tools and technologies become available. By following the process, Addyson executed a record-setting search for a client with an urgent need.

Setting Expectations for a Physician Search

In my role as Regional Vice President of Business Development at Jackson Physician Search, I regularly speak to practice administrators, CEOs, and other healthcare leaders in the Midwest who are in urgent need of physicians, and they always want to know how quickly our team can fill the position. Perhaps they’ve already spent a few months trying to recruit independently, so the urgency intensifies with each passing day. Many only want to engage a search partner if we can promise to fill the position quickly. 

I can’t always make that promise. A variety of factors impact the time it takes to place a physician. What is the supply and demand for the specialty? How attractive is the location? Is the compensation competitive? Can they offer flexibility? These are the things that matter most, according to recent physician hiring trends

I will promise potential clients access to two things: 1) unmatched digital recruitment tools, including Doximity, the largest online network of physicians, and 2) a recruitment team with regional expertise and national reach. These things, combined with our reputation for transparency and track record of success, are typically what makes organizations choose Jackson Physician Search.

Trusting the Digital Physician Recruitment Process

The circumstances that led to Addyson’s 13-day placement were not unusual. I approached the administrator of the FQHC in Nebraska to see if they required assistance. I certainly couldn’t promise him speed, but I knew from experience that our process would work for them in time. The director shared that they needed not one but two primary care physicians as soon as possible. I assured him our team would do everything in our power to complete the searches quickly, but I set the expectation that it could take a while. After all, we wanted to find candidates who were not just interested in the job but who were also a great cultural fit, as that is what traditionally leads to long-term retention. 

We officially opened the search on December 1st and assigned it to Search Consultant Addyson Wilgus. She diligently profiled the job opening, interviewing the administrator to learn exactly what the FQHC was looking for. The facility was impressive, but the compensation was below average, which worried her some. Still, she carefully crafted a job description, highlighting what she saw as the positive aspects of the job–a small, midwestern metro, a beautiful new facility, and a collaborative team. She distributed the job through the vast Jackson Physician Search job board network and also emailed it to relevant physicians in the Jackson Physician Search opt-in physician database. 

Unmatched Access to the Most Effective Tools 

She didn’t want to sit around and wait for the ad to get traction, so Addyson immediately dove into Doximity. Jackson Physician Search is currently the only physician recruitment firm that invests in a Doximity license for every single one of its recruiters, so Addyson was able to log in to her individual account and search the database for potential candidates. She first reached out to primary care physicians who were local to the area to tell them about the job. She immediately received a response from Dr. B. He was working locally, but his current practice was slow. He wanted a change that would bring him new challenges, and the opportunity with Addyson’s client sounded ideal. 

No Time to Waste

Addyson spoke to Dr. B on Friday, just three days after opening the search. She presented him to the client right away, and the administrator called him immediately. Because Dr. B was already local, the administrator invited him to interview in person as soon as possible, which turned out to be the following week. After a day of meeting the administrator and other physicians in the group, they all went out to dinner, where the administrator extended an offer. The contract was signed the next day.  

I had emphasized to the client the importance of acting quickly when the time came. Addyson, of course, had reinforced this with him as well, so when she presented him with a solid, local candidate, he knew what he had to do! The administrator’s ability to call the candidate and get him on-site right away was critical. In these circumstances, it’s essential to keep momentum going. Physicians hear about job opportunities every day, so if they express interest in yours, you have to act quickly if you hope to keep their attention. This is exactly what our client did, and it paid off.

Physician Recruitment Success

As I mentioned, this example of lightening-speed results is the exception, not the rule. That said, Addyson’s success wouldn’t have happened without her access to cutting-edge recruitment technologies and her expertise in how to leverage those tools effectively. She created the circumstances that allowed for her record-setting results, and, of course, the client’s ability to act quickly played a big part in the speed of the placement. 

Addyson has continued to work the process in search of a second Family Medicine physician for the group. Fortunately, the quick placement of Dr. B alleviated some of the urgency, but after interviewing several promising candidates, another successful placement is imminent. 

If your organization is struggling to recruit physicians, our time-tested, digital recruitment strategy, executed by a recruiter with regional expertise and national reach, is sure to deliver results. Reach out today to learn more.

About Brent Barnacle

Brent serves as Regional Vice President of Business Development for the Upper-Midwest Region. Before joining JPS, he worked extensively in organizational business development and training, spanning nearly 20 countries. Brent applies this experience to build win-win strategic partnerships with Hospital and Physician Group administrators who need to recruit physicians and advanced practice providers. He also consults on healthcare market trends, speaks at local and regional industry events, and is known as a well-respected, trusted advisor. Brent was born and raised in Stillwater, Minnesota and maintains a strong focus on rural physician recruitment. He understands the importance of recruiting for cultural fit, which leads to long-term retention for clients.

Brent can be reached at or 314.788.6861.


Key Takeaways

  • Jackson Physician Search promises unmatched digital recruitment tools, including Doximity, the largest online network of physicians, and a recruitment team with regional expertise and national reach. These things, combined with our reputation for transparency and track record of success, are typically what makes organizations choose Jackson Physician Search.
  • The collaboration between the client and the recruiter, along with the effective use of cutting-edge recruitment technologies, led to the record-setting 13-day placement.

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