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Recruiter Places Orthopedic Surgeon in Arkansas Hospital

Physician Recruiter Saves Orthopedic Surgeon from Almost Missing His Dream Job


Senior Search Consultant David Isenberg persuades an Orthopedic Surgeon who was contemplating other offers to interview with this Arkansas hospital, leading to a perfect fit and successful search.

Physician Recruiter Saves Orthopedic Surgeon from Almost Missing His Dream Job

We successfully placed an Orthopedic Surgeon with an Arkansas hospital five years ago and, when that physician departed for personal reasons, the hospital came back to Regional Vice President Gary Seaberg to find a replacement.

Senior Search Consultant David Isenberg immediately dove in. He started by meeting with the hiring manager to understand the type of surgeon that the hospital was looking for. He then created a detailed job description and began a strategic digital outreach program consisting of targeted emails, social networks, and national job boards – all within 48 hours.

Jackson Physician Search is the only physician recruitment firm where every recruiter has a Doximity license. Doximity is the number one networking site for physicians, and it is where David found Dr. B, an Orthopedic Surgeon looking for a new challenge. He set up an initial phone interview with the candidate and client. The phone screen went great, the two quickly hit it off, and the client even mentioned that Dr. B is one of the best Orthopedic Surgeons with whom they had ever spoken. The client was excited to bring him onsite for an in-person interview.

The Physician That Almost Got Away

An issue quickly arose, as Dr. B had two offers in hand and decided to accept one before even interviewing with the Arkansas hospital. David was confident that Dr. B was the perfect cultural fit and was not going to let him miss out on this potential dream job. Using his 35 years of recruitment expertise, he persuaded the surgeon to take the interview. Dr. B obliged and went on the interview. On his way home, he called David and his excitement was palpable. He and his wife were thrilled about the opportunity and immediately felt that it would be their forever home.

Why Using a Recruitment Firm is a Win-Win

Last year, we surveyed physicians to understand their views on the physician interview process and one major takeaway was the power of the first impression. Our findings concluded that 82% of physician candidates who accepted their role after the very first interview, felt excitement after said interview, and considering Dr. B’s elation, this was a win for the Arkansas hospital.

Pairing Dr. B’s feelings towards the opportunity along with the excellent match between himself and the facility is a recipe for retention. Considering that physician vacancies can easily reach $150,000 or more per month in lost revenue and it can take up to 6-9 months to recruit for some specialties, having a formal physician retention plan should be on the minds of healthcare administrators across the country.

A Partnership That Lasts Through the Years

With a 97% client satisfaction rate, it is no surprise that the hospital reached out to Gary for help finding a physician, even five years later. Although it had been a while since our partnership began, the client was confident in Jackson Physician Search’s proven track record of success.

We are overjoyed for Dr. B and also for the facility. This is the beginning of a long-term relationship between the two. Having the opportunity to work on repeat searches for a client is testament to Jackson Physician Search’s ability to delight our clients.

Building a trusted relationship with a recruitment partner is one key to physician recruitment success. Our team of healthcare industry professionals have the knowledge, tools, and experience to help you recruit physicians who will fit, succeed, and stay. Reach out today to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • Strategic digital outreach, utilizing Doximity, and personalized recruitment efforts by the hospital to create a lasting first impression led to finding the perfect fit, despite initial challenges.

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