Guide to Strategic Digital Recruitment


Our Regional Vice President of Recruiting, Christen Wrensen, presented the Digital Recruitment Strategy Guide to members of the Texas Hospital Association at their 2019 annual conference. This guide will help you quickly and cost-effectively engage the right candidates and score better hires.

From this Presentation You Will Learn

WHY you need social and digital media

HOW to engage and recruit them

WHO uses social and digital media for networking and finding jobs

Not only are candidates scarce, but it is becoming more and more difficult to reach and engage them.

11% of Candidates are Actively Seeking – Searching for jobs.

76% of Candidates are Passively Seeking – Interested, but not proactive.

13% of Candidates are Not Seeking – Happy in their current position.

Where are the passive candidates?

36% of job seekers are active on LinkedIn

40% of job seekers are active on Twitter

83% of job seekers are active on Facebook

70% of doctors are active on Doximity

Rise of the Digital Omnivore

94% of all physicians use smartphones for professional reasons

87% of physicians age 26-55 are using social media

91% of physicians prefer to receive jobs via email vs phone or other traditional outreach

Embracing digital media has become central to recruiting physicians and other providers. But, leveraging it successfully requires a keen understanding of the tools and the proficiency to effectively engage them.

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Key to Your Digital Recruitment Strategy

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Digital Recruitment Strategy

A Digital Recruitment Strategy Can Solve Your Physician Recruitment Challenges

It is time to modernize your physician recruitment strategy by going digital.

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