Jackson Physician Search Recruiter Lands an Addiction Medicine Physician in Just 54 Days for Medical Group


For independent physician groups, physician recruitment can be especially challenging. Private practices are increasingly being acquired or are merging with other groups. These larger healthcare organizations have greater resources to recruit, including in-house recruitment teams in many cases. For those practices that remain independent, they often find themselves competing with larger healthcare organizations for both patients and talent.

This is exactly where a small addiction medicine group in Canton, Ohio found themselves as they entered 2022. They were in need of an additional addiction medicine physician, but they knew they didn’t have the internal resources to focus on recruitment. Fortunately, Jackson Physician Search Recruiter Nathan Collier was happy to assist. Little did he know, the small client in Ohio would prove to be a model client, one for whom he would find a physician in just 54 days. 

Understanding the Importance of Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

The client had a clear idea of who they wanted to hire, but they also understood the need to be flexible. Ideally, they wanted a family medicine physician already certified in addiction medicine, but they were open to hiring someone without the certification, as long as they agreed to get it within their first year of employment. The client was also flexible about the physician’s schedule. The physician could dictate which days they would spend at each location. 

Nathan knew the more flexibility they could offer, the more attractive the opportunity would be, so he asked them to consider a four-day workweek. After Nathan shared survey data about the increasing impact of work-life balance on physician job satisfaction, the client agreed. They were willing to do whatever they could to increase the chances of finding the right physician quickly. 

Nathan crafted the job ad, focusing on the position’s flexibility and highlighting the group’s mission. He posted the physician job ad to a broad network of job boards and also sent it by email to relevant physicians in the JPS database of engaged physicians. Shortly after the email went out, Nathan received an inquiry from Dr. M, a family medicine physician in Tennessee who was open to relocation. Nathan picked up the phone to call her immediately, and the two connected right away.

A Physician Looking for a Fresh Start

From the first conversation, Nathan was impressed by Dr. M’s positivity. She was excited about the opportunity and expressed a level of interest he had not seen in other candidates.  

Though Dr. M was not currently working in addiction medicine, she was drawn to the organization’s mission and expressed a desire to get the certification. The issue was one that was close to her heart. The four-day workweek was also appealing, as was the idea of moving to a new location. She and her fiance, along with her two children, were eager to learn more.

Nathan was impressed and knew the client would be too. He presented her to the client within 48 hours. They scheduled a call, which went predictably well. In a matter of weeks, Dr. M and her fiance were flying to Canton for the on-site interview.

Family-Focused Physician Interview

Many organizations will roll out the red carpet for candidates when they come for on-site physician interviews, however, Nathan advises clients to leverage what they know about the candidate to impress them on a personal level. It’s not only welcome baskets and fancy dinners, but rather, speaking to the candidate’s interests and showing them how they specifically might be a cultural fit with the organization and the community. 

For Dr. M, this meant showing her fiance potential spots for him to relocate his small business and talking him through some of the details involved with starting a business in Canton. It also meant a tour of the Football Hall of Fame, something the client knew would mean a lot to Dr. M and her football-loving family.   

“The client went above and beyond,” said Nathan. “I wish all of my clients would put as much effort into recruiting the whole family.”

The effort worked. Dr. M and her fiance left feeling like they’d found their next home. Within the week, Dr. M had received an offer.

Flexibility and Family-Focused Recruitment for the Win

After some negotiating, Dr. M accepted the offer. It wasn’t the highest one she received, but her connection to the mission brought value that the other opportunities couldn’t match. This, coupled with the support of her fiance and her children, was everything she needed to feel confident accepting the offer.   

Nathan was thrilled to not only help Dr. M fulfill her purpose, but also, to bring such a strong cultural fit to his client–in a remarkable 54-day timeline. Nathan attributes the initial success to the job ad, which highlighted the flexible schedule. Once the job ad drew in Dr. M, the client’s family-focused recruitment efforts earned the support of Dr. M’s fiance, and by extension, her kids too. And of course, Dr. M’s strong connection to the mission was a result of the client’s ability to demonstrate their values in a way that connected with Dr. M.

It’s not magic nor is it luck. This client listened to Nathan’s advice and did everything possible to create their own positive outcome. From being open to Nathan’s expertise on how the position could be structured, to their above-and-beyond on-site interview efforts, to the way they exemplified their mission and culture–this was the model client, and they got the results they deserved. 

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