[Infographic Guide] Physician Do’s and Don’ts for the On-Site Interview and Community Tour


Congrats! You’ve landed the coveted on-site interview and community tour. To make the most of this important part of the process, learn the Physician Do’s and Don’ts.


Physician Do’s and Don’ts for the On-Site Visit

5 Do’s:

  1. Do Have a Game Plan and Conduct a Background Check
  2. Do Prepare Questions
  3. Do Make the Best Impression
  4. Do Research the Community
  5. Do Establish a Strong Relationship with a Recruiter

5 Don’ts:

  1. Don’t Spend Too Much Time on Compensation
  2. Don’t Leave Your Family Out
  3. Don’t Forget to Have Fun
  4. Don’t Hesistate to Chat With a Neighbor or Someone at the Local Coffee Shop
  5. Don’t Overlook the Details

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