100-Day Urology Search Earns Recruiter the Highest Praise–a Referral


A multi-specialty group in a West Florida metro was tired of paying high upfront recruitment fees with limited results. The Recruitment Director was seeking to change physician recruitment partners, so when a new team member introduced her to his former colleague, Angela Desin, Director of Recruiting at Jackson Physician Search, the timing couldn’t have been better. The Director was eager to hear how JPS could help, and she immediately liked the sound of the 100% digital recruitment strategy–and what that meant in terms of minimal upfront costs. She welcomed JPS as the organization’s new permanent physician recruitment partner. 

Quick Physician Recruitment Results

Angela was eager to get to know the organization’s culture and learn more about its needs. She knew the coastal location would be a draw, so she focused on that when crafting the physician job ad. She carefully screened candidates to find the best fit, only presenting those she knew would embrace the organization’s culture and succeed in the job long term. Her efforts were successful. In less than six months she had placed five Hospitalists and two Interventional Cardiologists. The client was thrilled. 

A Potentially Challenging Physician Search

When the need for a urologist arose, Angela knew it could potentially be a tough search. In the current market, the demand for urologists far outnumbers the supply, but Angela didn’t let that deter her. She once again got to work crafting an eye-catching job description. She broadcasted it through the Jackson Physician Search network of physician job boards and reached out to relevant candidates on Doximity. When Angela received a lead from a partner job board, she reached out to Dr. L immediately to learn more. He was currently working in Iowa and looking to make a change. While Florida was not an area he was actively pursuing, he was open to it and the opportunity interested him. After speaking with him at length, Angela was confident he was the best fit for the job.

“The group really needed someone who wanted to do general urology,” Angela says. “Most of the candidates I spoke to who were coming out of training were more interested in pursuing a subspecialization and working with robotics–which wasn’t what this client had to offer. Dr. L was unique in that his interests fully aligned with the client’s needs.”

Dr. L’s on-site physician interview went well. He was impressed by his would-be colleagues at the group, and the Florida weather would be a welcome change. His family liked the area, and they were eager to make the move if the offer was right–and Angela ensured that it was. She shared with the group exactly what Dr. L wanted, and they quickly made an offer to meet his requests. 

A Sense of Urgency in the Recruitment Process

Dr. L signed the contract fewer than 100 days after the start of the search, beating all expectations for the length of a urology search. Angela attributes the success to the joint effort to keep the process moving forward at all times. She was diligently pursuing every lead as soon as it came in, and as soon as she had news about a candidate, the client was quick to take the next step.

“I think one of the reasons we work well together is that we both act quickly,” Angela explains. “This client really understands how important the timing is, so I can count on them to react with a sense of urgency.” 

The client appreciates Angela’s timeliness as well. After six quick placements–and more searches underway– they were happy to introduce her to a “sister” group in Texas that has now engaged Jackson Physician Search as a physician recruitment partner as well. Angela was honored to earn the referral and continues to be grateful for the blossoming partnership.

If your organization needs a physician recruitment partner who will work quickly to find physicians who fit your organization and will stay for the long term, the team at Jackson Physician Search is ready to assist as an extension of your team. Contact us today.   

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