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Recruiter Places Two PAs and OB/GYN in Connecticut Hospital

Consultative Physician Recruiting Results in 3 Placements for Connecticut Hospital


Jackson Physician Search recruiter leveraged market data and industry expertise to successfully recruit three candidates for a hospital in Connecticut, sparking an impactful, lasting physician recruitment partnership.

Consultative Physician Recruiting Results in 3 Placements for Connecticut Hospital

When an academic hospital in Connecticut first came to Jackson Physician Search about a potential physician recruiting partnership, they were actively trying to hire a specialized physician assistant and an OB/GYN. The team at Jackson Physician Search quickly assessed the market and presented crucial data about similar jobs in the tri-state area. Leadership appreciated the research and was eager to hear what our Senior Search Consultant would recommend to help compete with these other organizations and hire the best candidates. This consultative, researched-based approach to physician recruiting appealed to the client and would ultimately lead to the ongoing success of the partnership. 

Phase 1: Gathering Information

Our Senior Search Consultant learned all the details about the positions and immersed himself in the organization’s culture in order to fully understand who they needed to hire. The hospital sought a surgical PA with the potential to lead a team of other surgical PAs. This would be a new role and the hospital’s first step toward building a team of physician assistants to support the surgical department.

He started to think creatively and strategically about finding the ideal candidate for this significant role. As he began to mentally piece together a candidate profile, he knew the opportunity to build a team and mentor others would be extremely attractive to someone interested in advancing their career. He decided a surgical physician assistant equipped with leadership experience but not officially in a leadership role would be the perfect fit.

Phase 2: Honing In On the Target

Our recruiter got to work leveraging his resources and began exploring potential candidates in the Jackson Physician Search database. To find physician assistants that matched the profile he had in mind, he filtered the data to show candidates based on graduation dates that would put them in the career stage he was targeting.

He began reaching out to the candidates within his set parameters by calling each one — often leaving voicemails. He was thrilled when a Surgical PA living on the West Coast called him back to express his interest in the position and to learn more. The candidate had 20+ years of surgical experience at a California hospital, but his years of hard work had yet to translate into an official opportunity to lead – which he was eager to do. 

Our recruiter suspected he had the perfect candidate in his hands. Once he introduced the Surgical PA to the client, they flew him and his family out for an interview and facility tour. The whole family had a chance to explore the community and were pleased with their potential new home. An offer was quickly extended, the candidate flew out one more time to sign the contract, and the search came to a close in fewer than 100 days.

Phase 3: Building Out the Team

Our Senior Search Consultant sensed the Surgical PA would be easy to work with and was pleased to learn his instincts were right. The pair worked closely to find another surgical PA for the new team. With the newly onboarded Surgical PA’s extensive experience and willingness to mentor, it made sense to bring on a new or recent graduate who would benefit from his leadership. He focused his efforts on recent grads, ultimately connecting with a Physician Assistant from the area who was eager to learn from a more experienced surgical PA. Once the Physician Assistant met the Surgical PA and the rest of the hospital, it was obviously a strong match, leading to another quick, successful search in fewer than 90 days.

Revisiting the Search for an OB/GYN

While the PA searches progressed quickly, the search for an OB/GYN continued. The client insisted they wanted someone local – or at least familiar with the area – which narrowed the candidate pool considerably. Once again, our recruiter considered the other OB/GYN openings in competition and noticed that while there were many open OB/GYN jobs, the number of listings for OB hospitalists was much smaller. 

He knew it was a growing trend among OB/GYNs to pursue OB hospitalist positions. The 12-hour shifts and no call allowed for a better work-life balance, something increasingly prioritized by OB/GYNs at all stages of their careers. With this insight, he concluded that the relatively few OB hospitalist opportunities in the area meant demand for those jobs would be high. The Senior Search Consultant advised the client to open the search parameters and consider OB hospitalists. He felt confident this would increase the number of applicants.

Sure enough, within a few weeks, Dr. D saw the job ad online and reached out. She was from Connecticut and looking for a job in the area with a better work-life balance. She also liked that the academic setting would allow her to mentor residents, so the OB hospitalist position was exactly what she had been seeking. The client quickly invited her to interview, and both parties knew it was the right fit.

More Than a Physician Recruiter

When the client turned to Jackson Physician Search for recruitment assistance, they knew they would gain access to tools and resources to advance their most challenging searches. However, the consultative nature of the partnership brought the most value to the relationship. Our physician recruiter’s industry experience and knowledge of the current market allowed him to make recommendations that were truly game-changers in the recruitment process. Jackson Physician Search proved to be an extension of the recruitment team, and an authentic subject matter expert and consultant, resulting in an active partnership to this day.

Key Takeaways

  1. Jackson Physician Search presented crucial market data and adopted a consultative, research-based approach to address the hospital’s recruitment needs.
  2. An effective physician recruitment partner will creatively seek candidates by thinking outside the box in order to find the perfect fit.
  3. A dedicated physician recruitment partner offers industry data and knowledge that is transformative in a physician search.

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