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Five Ways Physicians Can Improve Their Job Satisfaction

Jackson Physician Search
November 7, 2018

Is your career as a physician becoming less satisfying?  Ranked as one of the most trusted professions, some doctors today are not feeling the love.  According to a 2018 Medscape survey, more than 50% of doctors are feeling the negative impacts of a stressful working environment.  If you are one of those physicians experiencing burnout, there are some things you can do to improve your practice experience.  While not a comprehensive list, below are five ways physicians can improve their job satisfaction.

Find Work/Life Balance.  If you don’t have a healthy balance in your life between home and work, the chances are you won’t be satisfied in either.  With the demand for your services as a physician, you have more control over your current position than you think. Take the time to self-reflect and determine what your work/life balance looks like and what you can do to find the balance you want.  Maybe it includes reducing the time you are spending on administrative tasks, or less call during the week or on weekends. Much like treating an illness, once you know what the imbalance is, you can begin prescribing whatever it will take to improve the condition.

Challenge Yourself.  Has your career as a doctor gotten too much like punching a clock?  Think back to your early days of practicing medicine and how exciting every day seemed.  You were solving complex medical puzzles, helping your patients, absorbing information, and learning new techniques.  You can achieve that feeling again by taking on new challenges.  This can be as simple as learning a new skill, or getting a new certification, or as involved as advancing your career to a C-Suite level.

Reignite Your Passion.  There is nothing quite like finding an activity that causes the fire in your belly to burn brighter.  If that flame is dimmer than it used to be, you need to throw another log on the fire.  Find a way to take up a cause that is close to your heart, or dive back into a hobby that you are passionate about.  When was the last time you picked up that guitar you used to play in the dorm?  You might even consider checking out a volunteer organization like Doctors without Borders, or other physician volunteer opportunities through the AMA.

Become a Mentor.  When you were a fresh-faced resident or young practicing physician, you may have relied on a mentor to help you navigate the intricacies of your first years of practicing medicine.  If you had a mentor, the chances are you still rely on them from time to time. One way to improve your own job satisfaction is to act as a mentor to others.  Taking a young physician under your wing can help you rediscover why you became a doctor in the first place. And better yet, sometimes being around a young doctor who has the passion and energy you once had, can help you recharge your own batteries.

Change Jobs.  If you have already tried the recommendations above without positive results, maybe it is time to consider finding a new place to practice.  You are in demand, and many organizations would be thrilled to have you join them. Negotiating optimal schedules, minimal call, vacation time, research opportunities and more, it is all out there for negotiation.  Sometimes change is necessary and if your current job no longer feels like the right fit, the coming year is shaping up to be a good one for physicians looking for greener pastures.

If you are a physician who is unhappy in their current position, or you just feel like it is time for a change, let Jackson Physician Search help you find your perfect fit. Our nationwide reach means that we have access to thousands of opportunities with provider systems of all sizes in all types of communities.  Contact one of our physician recruitment professionals today to get started.

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