Focused on Fit: Physician Recruiter’s Detailed Approach Results in 6 Placements, Earns Glowing Review


As healthcare organizations all over the country face increasing staffing shortages and recruitment challenges, even those who don’t typically partner with physician recruitment firms find themselves willing to try something new in order to connect with the best candidates. For one healthcare organization with facilities throughout Texas, the time to try something new came in the fall of 2021. The Recruitment Director was hopeful a national physician recruitment firm with a track record of success would be the change they needed to fill open physician jobs.  

When Dane Altman, Senior Vice President and Partner at Jackson Physician Search, first connected with the Recruitment Director, he provided a detailed explanation of the Jackson Physician Search 100% digital recruitment strategy. This approach would allow them to cast a wide net; however, they would only present candidates who truly fit the needs of the organization. 

A Solid Opportunity for the Right Candidate

Dane introduced the client to Senior Search Consultant Jeff Payne, who would lead the search. He drove to the city, about two hours from Dallas, to tour the facility and better understand the specifics of the Gastroenterology job opening. The sole GI physician had given notice, so the clinic needed a replacement as soon as possible.

While the city itself wasn’t a popular destination, Jeff noted a lot of positive things about the job. Because of the size of the metro area, demand for GI services was high, as was the earning potential. There was minimal competition in the area, and the client employed 14 primary care providers who would feed referrals to the new GI. Additionally, the client had a great reputation as an employer, so Jeff knew that would be a draw.

Jeff noted all of this in the job description and highlighted the clinic’s location between Dallas and Austin, both highly sought-after destinations for physicians. The physician job ad was distributed throughout the JPS physician job board network and emailed directly to relevant Gastroenterologists in the vast JPS subscriber database. 

“The job ad received tremendous response,” Jeff says, “However, a lot of potential candidates were less interested when they learned the specific location of the job.” 

Recognizing the Right Fit Amongst the Applicants 

By casting a wide net, Jeff was able to talk to enough physicians to increase his odds of identifying the right candidate, and when he spoke to Dr. K, he suspected he had found the one.

Currently working in a high-volume practice in Indiana, Dr. K was hoping to relocate to Texas to be near family and friends in both Dallas and Austin. The location of the clinic between the two cities was ideal for her. When she described the type of practice and employer she sought, Jeff recognized his client as a good match in these areas as well. 

After reviewing Jeff’s top three candidates, the client was eager to speak to Dr. K. Following several phone interviews and an on-site interview in May, they were ready to make an offer; however, Dr. K was having reservations about the structure of her employment and how it might complicate the logistics of her work at the affiliated hospital. Jeff advised his client to remain flexible and explore alternative ways to bring Dr. K on board. Ultimately, they were able to work with the hospital to put together an employment contract that satisfied Dr. K.

One Successful Physician Search Leads to More… 

The Recruitment Director was impressed with Jeff’s detailed approach and quickly tasked him with two more searches, this time for Family Medicine roles at Dallas facilities. Jeff spent time with the hiring managers familiarizing himself with the specifics of the need, and once again, he got to work crafting a job ad and leveraging the digital tools at his disposal. Within weeks, Jeff had a slate of candidates to present. 

As was the case with Dr. K for the GI opening, the client was quick to react and schedule interviews. As a result, they were able to sign the first Family Medicine candidate within 90 days of starting the search and three more within 120 days. Needless to say, the client was thrilled, and Jeff is currently working on three more searches for the organization. 

The Importance of Getting to Know the Client 

When asked what stood out about Jeff’s approach, the Physician Recruitment Director stressed how much she appreciated the time he spent getting to know the organization, the individual facilities, and the specific needs of the people there. 

“What impacted me the most was that Jeff has spent several hours touring each of my campuses to make sure he understands the area and what we’re looking for – and that has made all the difference,” she explains. “He didn’t just focus on our numbers and what we offer. Jeff has cared to dig deeper into our mission, vision, purpose, and values.”

It is this kind of attention to detail that allows Jeff and the rest of the JPS Recruitment Team to bring clients top-notch candidates who are not only a match clinically but culturally as well. These are the candidates most likely to fit, succeed, and stay with your organization for years to come. 

If your organization needs assistance in the challenging recruitment market, reach out to the Recruitment Team at Jackson Physician Search today and see how our attention to detail and 100% digital strategy can benefit your organization.

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