[Infographic Guide] Effective Physician Staffing Plans Consider These Factors


If you are working on your 2021 Staffing Plan and want to ensure your organization’s success, consider these three factors: the current state-of-the-market, retaining physicians, and planning for retirements. We dive into each in this helpful Infographic Guide.

1. Recruitment

  • With 7% annual turnover, 50,000 physicians will accept new positions each year
  • It takes 6-9+ months to recruit most specialties, plus it can easily reach $1 million in lost revenue per vacancy
  • Low supply and high demand: to succeed, you must reach both active and passive candidates
    • Only 11% of doctors are actively seeking new jobs
    • 76% are passively looking
  • How can you get their attention?
    • Craft an agile and strategic digital recruiting process
      • Job Boards: Cast a wide net with job posts and search for resumes.
      • Email: Build an opted-in, engaged database and target ideal candidates with job ads and valuable content.
      • Social Media: 80% of doctors claimed their Doximity profile, making it an excellent source. LinkedIn can be effective, too.
    • Beware: Your content must be relevant
      • 50% of physicians report that less than 10% of communications from recruiters are relevant.
  • No direct mail. There are no metrics to prove ROI, you can’t adjust messaging, and you won’t even know if it was delivered.

2. Retention

  • Hire for cultural fit to increase retention
  • Favorable workplace culture results in:
    • 33% improvement in quality
    • 41% reduction in absenteeism
    • 50% drop in patient safety accidents
  • To physicians, culture and engagement are more important than money
  • Highlight organizational culture at the on-site interview
  • Remember the acronym: SALE
    • Sell the community as well as the opportunity
    • Assemble your “A” team
    • Leave no questions unanswered
    • Engender feelings of excitement and a sense of being welcomed

3. Retirement

  • More than 30% of physicians are at or near retirement age
  • Whose responsibility is it to initiate the retirement conversation?
    • 81% of physicians think it is their responsibility, but they are less comfortable having the discussion
    • 33% of administrators believe that it is theirs
  • Physicians feel that 3-6 months is enough notice, but administrators want 1-3 years
  • Retain end of career physicians
    • Did you know? 28% of physicians don’t plan to retire fully
    • Introduce reduced schedule options for physicians who wish to stay part time

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