[Infographic Guide] The Do’s and Don’ts of Virtual Interviews


Virtual interviews will likely have a permanent place in the recruitment process. If you’ve decided to incorporate video interviews into your physician recruitment process, first learn the Do’s and Don’ts.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Virtual Interviews

8 Do’s

  1. Do confirm the video interview in advance with both parties
  2. Do send a detailed itinerary
  3. Do send detailed instructions
  4. Do test your audio and video set-up
  5. Do choose a well-lit room
  6. Do dress in professional attire for the interview
  7. Do be prepared and take notes
  8. Do use nonverbal communication and hand gestures as you normally would

7 Don’ts

  1. Don’t assume all parties are familiar with eCalendar invites
  2. Don’t allow distractions – close out any other programs and silence your phone
  3. Don’t be late
  4. Don’t swivel or rock in your chair, use a stationary chair instead
  5. Don’t watch the screen, instead maintain eye contact with the camera
  6. Don’t forget to smile
  7. Don’t remain logged into the platform after the interview is complete

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