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Explore a Better Path to Occupational and Environmental Medicine Recruiting

Take the proven path in OEM recruitment with Jackson Physician Search.




Jackson Physician Search Is Proud to Be the Only ACOEM-Endorsed Recruiting Firm.

As the exclusive ACOEM-endorsed recruitment firm, trust Jackson Physician Search to deliver on your toughest recruiting challenges. Since 1978, our recruiters have delivered for thousands of clients nationwide, filling their searches quickly and cost-effectively from our extensive network.

Your Brand at the Center Of Every OEM Search

Cobranded searches maximize candidate acquisition, leading to a quicker time-to-fill, decreased lost revenue, and greater patient access to care. When you partner with Jackson Physician Search, your organization is well-positioned to:

  • Reach up to 4,500 OEM healthcare providers. We market your brand directly to OEM membership by posting cobranded job ads for no additional fee on OEM Explore, a new career exploration platform exclusively for the OEM market.
  • Increase candidate engagement by up to 50%. Our data shows that candidates prioritize job ads promoting the employer. To drive immediate candidate activity, we post cobranded OEM job ads to 10+ national job boards, and we send targeted email campaigns to the largest, opted-in database.

*OEM Explore is the official ACOEM career platform of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and the leading source of qualified OEM candidates. To learn more about OEM Explore, click here.

Championing Innovative Recruitment Tools and Technologies

Faster Placements, Greater Return on Your Recruitment Investment

With an opt-in provider database that is unrivaled and our emphasis on building strong relationships that clients and candidates truly value, our recruitment professionals use a combination of cutting-edge recruitment technologies to target and reach the right OEM physicians for your organization. This harmony between personal touch and technology ensures access to the greatest number of qualified candidates, leading to more successful searches, industry-leading recruitment ROI, and improved retention.

  • Get maximum exposure through our digital landscape of job promotion and networking.
  • Effectively target and adjust search parameters with our flexible, dynamic methodology.
  • Accurately budget and control expenses with our transparent and affordable fee structure.

Recruiting Corporate Chief Medical Officers

Physicians first, OEM-trained Corporate Chief Medical Officers are uniquely qualified to prevent disease and promote wellness by managing how work and health intertwine. Serving a critical role in the business organization, they understand the challenges and risks of day-to-day operations, including labor laws, hazard recognition, disaster preparedness, worker disease management, and more. 

Today’s corporations increasingly recognize how worker health and wellness impact the bottom line, and an increased appetite for creating a position for a Corporate Chief Medical Officer reflects its importance. Not immune to the physician shortage, corporations are in competition with healthcare organizations for an ever-shrinking supply of physician executives.

Recruiting a Corporate Chief Medical Officer to navigate and advise on the challenges and health risks faced by workers in today’s complex business environment requires a recruitment partner with access to a vast network of physicians, an accelerated, proven search process, and a track record of successful placements. 

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Partner With a Recruitment Firm Dedicated to Your Success

Innovative Use of Recruiting Technology

We were first-to-market with digital candidate sourcing tools that connect with OEM physicians who are looking – and those who aren’t, yet. We bring you the best candidate for the role, period.

Unparalleled, High-Touch Service

Our mission, rooted in four decades of service in healthcare, is to always deliver what we promise. Our experienced, dedicated recruiters begin recruiting within 48 hours, providing frequent search updates.

Trusted Recruitment Partners

Trust and transparency are baked into everything we do – from how we market job opportunities to our fee structure to our commitment to elevating the industry with thought leadership.

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Recruiting physicians, physician executives, and advanced practice providers requires a partner with a proven track record of delivering on the toughest recruiting challenges. Since 1978, our team has delivered for thousands of clients nationwide, filling their searches quickly and cost-effectively from our extensive network.

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