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Physician Placed in Louisiana Medical Group

Digital Sourcing and Serendipity Result in Physician Placement in Only 54 Days


Despite the national time-to-fill average of 8.4 months, Jackson Physician Search recruited an OB/GYN for a medical group with an unforeseen, urgent need in just 54 days.

Digital Sourcing and Serendipity Result in Physician Placement in Only 54 Days

Jackson Physician Search had just made a successful physician placement at a Louisiana medical group when it found itself in a sudden bind. One of its senior physicians had become seriously ill and could no longer serve the group’s primarily Medicaid patient population. Additionally, another physician was about to go on maternity leave, so the urgency to recruit another doctor was palpable.

It was only six months earlier that the practice manager had evaluated multiple physician recruitment firms in search of a collaborative partnership. After speaking with Jackson Physician Search Regional Vice President Gary Seaberg, he felt confident in selecting us.

With a strong relationship already developed during the first search, Senior Search Consultant Don Evans immediately dove in to help the medical group recruit a second OB/GYN. To set the search up for success, Don met with the practice manager to clearly define this role and understand the characteristics of the group’s ideal physician.

As matchmakers, Jackson Physician Search is always on the lookout for both a clinical and cultural fit. In a medical group, everyone works so closely together that meshing personalities and common interests is key to long-term physician retention.

With a position description now in-hand, Don was able to customize the job ad, post the position to multiple job boards, and launch an initial email campaign in order to cast a wide net – and all within 48 hours.

The National Average Time-to-fill for an OB/GYN is 8.4 months, but Jackson Physician Search Comes Through in Just 54 Days

In a serendipitous-like moment, Don connected the very next day with an OB/GYN who had just read the job ad and found the opportunity intriguing. He also wanted to relocate back to New Orleans to be closer to family, so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Don submitted the candidate, and the practice administrator called the physician. They clicked right away and proceeded to schedule an on-site interview and community tour.

After identifying a candidate who appears to be a strong clinical and cultural fit, Jackson Physician Search recommends delivering an exceptional on-site interview, including a customized, comprehensive facility and community tour. In our 2020 Physician Interview Experience Survey, we learned there are three aspects of the on-site interview that can improve your chances of a physician accepting a job offer after the first interview: make the candidate feel welcome and excited about the organization and community, answer all of the candidate’s question, and ensure that there is alignment with organizational and personal values.

The Medical Group Rolled Out the Red Carpet During the On-site Interview

With a game plan in place and feeling fortunate to interview a well-qualified candidate so quickly, the practice manager and the entire medical group were prepared to make a great first impression. Determined to recruit the candidate quickly, they rolled out the red carpet from start to finish. In the practice manager’s own words, “we treated him like a five-star athletic recruit.” Shortly into the on-site interview, the practice manager and the candidate were establishing a stronger professional connection when they discovered that both belonged to and were passionate about the same national organization. They even had common connections in the community, which only helped to solidify the candidate’s excitement about the opportunity. We couldn’t have wished for a more ideal cultural match.

 “Serendipitous” Recruitment Stories Have One Thing in Common: Effective Client Communication

While the client’s constant communication with both Don and the candidate contributed to the placement’s speed, an article from The American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) notes that regular communication between providers and administrators instills trust. Two-way conversations allow administrators and physicians to understand one another’s perspective and discuss potential and existing challenges. Additionally, providing more autonomy regarding how their work is done and obtaining feedback about patient care and operations offers opportunities to increase physician engagement.

It is rewarding to be part of a homecoming for a hard-working, dedicated physician and his family. It also gives us great pride knowing that the medical group feels confident about its newest physician and the potential for long-term retention.

Digital Candidate Sourcing Drives Improved Recruitment ROI

To go from search initiation to offer acceptance in just 54 days is an incredible achievement in physician recruitment. Because our candidate sourcing process is 100% digital, we’re able to begin advertising a new position and actively screen candidates in days versus weeks and months. This positions our clients to potentially beat the average time-to-fill for any particular specialty, just as this medical group experienced.

Between our excellent track record of successful placements, a transparent fee structure, and our ability to show increased Reruitment ROI through our ROI calculator, we consistently earn a 97% client satisfaction rate. We’re also delighted that over 90% of clients trust us with multiple searches. To learn more about improving your physician recruitment and interview process, contact an experienced Jackson Physician Search industry professional today.

Key Takeaways

  1. Partnering with a dedicated physician recruiter can reduce a position’s time-to-fill, saving lost dollars on longer vacancies and significantly increasing recruitment ROI.
  2. Jackson Physician Search customized the job ad, posted it on multiple job boards, and launched an email campaign to attract potential candidates quickly, successfully identifying a candidate within just one day of posting the job.
  3. A personalized on-site interview experience, including a comprehensive facility and community tour, increases the chances of a physician accepting a job offer after the first interview.

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