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Fast Placement in NY Lands Recruiter a Client Referral

A Pattern of Success: 30-Day Placements Earn Physician Recruiter a Client Referral

New York

Search Consultant Charly Dekle experiences a pattern of physician recruitment success as a result of hard work, a robust recruitment strategy, and responsive clients.

A Pattern of Success: 30-Day Placements Earn Physician Recruiter a Client Referral

It’s often said that if something happens once, it’s luck. If it happens twice, it’s a coincidence, but if it happens a third time, it’s a pattern. If this is true, Search Consultant Charly Dekle certainly established a pattern of rapid physician recruitment results with three pediatric placements at two different New York practices in a matter of weeks. The circumstances leading to these quick placements are worth exploring, not for their unconventionality, but for Charly’s remarkable demonstration of what is possible when a hardworking recruiter applies the tried-and-true, 100% digital recruitment strategy of Jackson Physician Search in partnership with responsive, proactive clients.

An Urgent Pediatric Need

The first client, a private pediatrician practice located about an hour north of Manhattan, reached out to Jackson Physician Search in January 2023. As Director of Client Development, Nancy Brewer was happy to respond to the inquiry and learn more about their needs. The group was considering hiring a new pediatrician to keep up with increasing patient demand. When an active pediatrician went out on extended medical leave, the practice administrator went from considering a new hire to urgently recruiting.

The client wanted someone who could start as soon as possible but would only consider candidates who were fluent in Spanish. The bilingual requirement would significantly limit the candidate pool, so while Nancy assured the administrator that the recruiter would do everything possible to meet the search parameters, she made no promises about the timeline. In fact, she set the expectation that the search would take several months, citing data showing the national average time-to-fill for pediatricians to be eight months or more. 

A Recruiter Willing to Go the Distance

The administrator had never worked with a recruitment partner, but she appreciated our transparency and was eager to move forward with a partnership. She especially valued that a Jackson Physician Search recruiter would visit the practice to learn the culture and leverage that insight to find the right fit. Nancy introduced her to Charly, who traveled to New York as soon as possible to do precisely this.

Charly found the practice to be extremely welcoming and ideally located. It was a solid opportunity for the right candidate, and while the bilingual requirement would be a challenge, Charly trusted the Jackson Physician Search digital process. She set to work leveraging every digital recruitment tool available to her.  

A Digital Recruitment Process Designed to Identify Ideal Candidates

Dr. C almost immediately saw the pediatrician job ad and reached out. She was completing her residency with a local program and searching for a job that would not require her to relocate her young family. The high-volume practice opportunity aligned well with her training, the location was perfect, and sure enough, Dr. C was fluent in Spanish. Charly knew she had found the ideal candidate.

Charly presented Dr. C to the client right away, and they quickly scheduled an interview. Meanwhile, Charly connected with yet another Spanish-speaking candidate. Dr. T was living in Ontario but eager to move to New York, where he already had a license to practice. He would need his new employer to sponsor his H-1B visa, but luckily the practice administrator already decided this could be done for the right candidate. Charly presented Dr. T, and ultimately, the practice decided to extend offers to Dr. C and Dr. T. Both of the physicians’ contracts were signed fewer than 30 days from the start of the search.

Rapid Results Lead to Client Referral

The speed of Charly’s work blew the client away, so Nancy was not surprised when the owner of another New York practice reached out to her. She had never considered partnering with a recruitment firm, but after hearing of our client’s recruitment success, the practice owner wanted to see if we could help her group too. Of course, Nancy stressed that Charly’s results were not typical, but her expectations remained reasonably high, and she hoped not to disappoint.

Fortunately, there was no need to worry, for Charly worked yet another miracle, receiving an immediate response to the new pediatrician job ad. The candidate, Dr. R, was already local and could start any time. Charly presented the candidate whom they invited to interview the very next day. The interview went extremely well, and the contract was signed right away–with the physician’s start date set for the following Monday (just five days from the start of the search!)

Secrets to Success

Surely, three consecutive, rapid placements can’t simply be attributed to luck or mere coincidence. Instead, this pattern of success shows what is possible when hard work meets a robust strategy and a quick-to-respond client. While it would be nice if this formula guaranteed rapid results every time, the truth is that physician searches are complex and often take a bit more time. Still, organizations that partner with Jackson Physician Search are securely positioned to find physician recruitment success, whether it takes five days or five months.

Whether your organization has an urgent recruitment need or is simply planning for future growth, the team at Jackson Physician Search is eager to help. Our time-tested digital recruitment strategy, executed by a recruiter with regional expertise and national reach, is set to deliver results. Contact us today to begin a dedicated physician recruitment partnership.

About Nancy Brewer

Nancy serves as Director of Client Development. Before joining JPS in 2014, she worked extensively in business development, client satisfaction, problem resolution, and cost containment for large corporate clients throughout the US. Nancy applies this experience to build win-win strategic partnerships with hospitals and physician group administrators who need to recruit physicians and advanced practice providers. She compiles compensation trends and market data for JPS clients and attends regional and national industry events to stay well-informed and connected with professionals in the healthcare space. Nancy was born and raised in Long Island and has called Georgia home for the past 30 years. Nancy understands the importance of exemplary customer service, leading to high client satisfaction and long-term client retention.

Nancy can be reached at or 770.643.5517.

Key Takeaways

  • Jackson Physician Search’s 100% digital recruitment strategy, coupled with responsive and proactive healthcare practices, played a key role in the rapid success of these placements.

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