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Recruiter Places Psychiatrist in East Coast Hospital

Physician Recruiter Uses Insider Knowledge and Doximity to Fill a Hospital Psychiatry Job in Under 90 Days


East Coast hospital confidently sought the help of Jackson Physician Search to find a Psychiatrist, knowing that the specialty is notoriously challenging to recruit, with the national average time-to-fill being 255 days, resulting in a successful 90-day search.

Physician Recruiter Uses Insider Knowledge and Doximity to Fill a Hospital Psychiatry Job in Under 90 Days

When an East Coast hospital needed to hire a psychiatrist, the in-house recruitment team knew exactly which physician recruitment partner they wanted. They were familiar with the stellar reputation of Jackson Physician Search and were eager to enlist the help of JPS Director of Recruiting Angela Desin.

Angela prepared the client for the difficult reality of the task at hand. According to AAPPR, more than half (58.6%) of organizations hiring physicians were looking for someone in the field of psychiatry, and just 42% of those roles were filled in the same calendar year. Psychiatry is consistently one of the toughest specialties to recruit, with a national average time-to-fill of 255 days (8.4 months). Psychiatrists in the job market have no shortage of opportunities available to them, but Angela knew the organization was willing to do whatever they could to find the right fit.

Angela learned everything she could about the 7-on/7-off psychiatry job. The hospital needed someone in-house who could be called upon to evaluate admitted patients as needed. While the market was competitive for hiring psychiatrists, she knew the 7-on/7-off schedule would be attractive. The hospital also had a great reputation as an employer, so she felt confident that if she leveraged the JPS 100% digital recruitment strategy and applied some creativity, she would find the right psychiatrist for the job.

Digital Physician Recruitment Tactics

Angela used every digital recruitment tactic in her toolbelt. She crafted a thoughtful psychiatry job ad that highlighted the flexible schedule, competitive compensation, and attractive location. The hospital was part of an academic system, so there would be plenty of opportunities for learning as well as mentoring others. She noted all of this in the physician job ad and then leveraged the JPS network of physician job boards to distribute it. The JPS marketing team also sent the psychiatry job ad to its vast JPS database of psychiatrists.

While the digital physician recruitment tactics were generating some leads, Angela knew she needed to think outside the box for more options. She soon came across some information that would give her just the chance she needed.

Connecting the Dots: Community News and a Social Network for the Win

When a neighboring hospital announced it would be closing its doors in the coming year, Angela sensed an opportunity. She knew the hospital employed psychiatrists – who would presumably soon be out of jobs – but how could she connect with them? The answer was right in front of her in the form of Doximity, the largest online networking service for medical professionals. Jackson Physician Search is currently the only physician recruitment firm to provide all of its recruiters a Doximity license–a decision that has paid off time and time again. This case would be no different.

Angela used her Doximity access to look up the psychiatrists employed at the neighboring hospital and reach out to them directly. She presented the opportunity and immediately made a connection. Dr. A was qualified, interested, and eager to learn more.

“Everything moved quickly, once I connected with Dr. A,” says Angela. “I presented him to the client right away, they interviewed him within 10 days and made an offer the next week – the entire search took just under 90 days.”

Physician Recruitment Success Found in the Details

Physician recruitment success is often found in attention to the details – a well-crafted physician job ad, a broad physician job board network, an effective email marketing program, and a thoughtfully planned physician interview and site visit. In this case, Angela’s attention to those details outside the normal scope of physician recruitment tactics made all the difference. She paid attention to what was happening in the community and found a creative solution to leverage what she learned.

Also contributing to the success, the client was able to act quickly and make an attractive offer to Dr. A. When he expressed a desire to earn more than the 7-on/7-off schedule would allow, they incorporated an additional call schedule that would justify a higher salary.

“I have developed a great relationship with this client,” says Angela. “They truly see me as an extension of the team, and I feel invested in their success.”

If your organization is facing a difficult physician search, it’s essential that every detail is addressed thoughtfully. The Physician Recruitment team at Jackson Physician Search has the knowledge and experience to successfully manage those details and find creative ways to further the search. Contact us today.

Key Takeaways

  • Angela Desin leveraged physician job boards and the JPS database of psychiatrists. Additionally, she creatively utilized community news and the Doximity networking service to connect with psychiatrists potentially affected by a nearby hospital’s closure.
  • Angela’s attention to detail and creative approach, combined with the hospital’s willingness to act quickly and make an attractive offer, contributed to the successful recruitment of Dr. A within 90 days. The hospital’s flexibility in incorporating an additional call schedule to meet Dr. A’s desired salary also played a significant role in the success of the search.
  • Jackson Physician Search is determined to succeed in challenging physician searches and find innovative solutions for their clients.

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