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Physician Placement in Iowa Earns High Accolades

How Our Physician Leader Search Earned Doximity’s “Hire of the Quarter”


Regional Vice President of Recruiting Tara Osseck leverages access to Doximity to discover and connect with the perfect Family Medicine physician for a Midwestern academic institution, despite not being in an active job search.

How Our Physician Leader Search Earned Doximity’s “Hire of the Quarter”

For two years, a Midwestern academic institution tried to fill a Family Medicine Department Chair position. Faculty members were all pitching in to help, but the lengthy vacancy was taking a toll on everyone. Impressed by our track record of quickly presenting qualified physicians, the institution decided to give Jackson Physician Search the chance to find its new physician leader.

With confidence, Regional Vice President of Recruiting Tara Osseck dove in to develop a clear understanding of the position. Her goal was to find the type of candidate that would be successful and fit into the culture. Tara worked with the client to refine the job description to reflect the position’s diverse responsibilities, including a unique clinical and administrative balance.

Greater Access to Physician Leaders

Once the role was accurately depicted, Tara leveraged several sourcing tools, including Jackson Physician Search’s 100% digital sourcing strategy allowed Tara greater access to a significant pool of physician executive candidates, targeting close to 450 physician leaders through Doximity alone. One of the candidates that jumped off the page was a mid-career physician who was currently on the faculty of an academic institution in Kansas. Dr. P had been working her way up the ladder and had significant leadership experience. But, she had not yet achieved the higher-level position she aspired to reach.

Tara reached out as Dr. P wasn’t actively looking for a new position, even though she deserved and wanted more for her career. As fate would have it, Dr. P had graduated from the very academic institution Tara was recruiting for and was very familiar with the university’s history and culture. Because she hadn’t been actively seeking opportunities, she was unaware of the Department Chair opportunity. As Tara spent time with Dr. P, she knew that this could be a perfect match.

The top three candidates were presented to the search committee, Dr. P included. Tara prepped the candidates for what ended up being a rigorous interview process. The search committee wanted to choose someone who was a great cultural fit and someone who could lead the department through future expansion.

Due to the pandemic restrictions, the interview process was conducted entirely virtually, including having the candidates present a lecture to students.

Doximity’s “Hire of the Quarter”

Ultimately, Dr. P was the candidate that the search committee gravitated towards, and she was offered the position. Her familiarity with the institution’s history and culture, as well as her strong combination of clinical skills and leadership experience made her the best candidate for the role.

In addition to earning Doximity’s “Hire of the Quarter,” it also had quite an impact on Dr. P as she sent the following note to Tara after being hired:

“Tara, I owe you a lot for ‘finding me’ on Doximity and partnering with me every step of the way. I know you were hired by the university, but I felt you also worked for me as well. I wouldn’t have found or landed the career-defining leadership role without your attention to detail throughout the process.” – Dr. P, D.O

If your organization needs a trusted partner to help you find top-tier physician leaders, reach out to Jackson Physician Search today.

Key Takeaways

Clearly, Dr. P was a terrific candidate with the right skills, background, and clinical experiences that fit what the institution was looking for. But, there were several factors that Tara and Jackson Physician Search were able to bring to this process:

  • A 40-year track record built on trust and transparency and unparalleled access to physician leaders.
  • Because only 11% of candidates are actively searching for a job, our 100% digital sourcing strategy allows for a customized and targeted approach to reach passive candidates which account for 76% of the market.
  • Jackson Physician Search is the only firm where every recruiter has a Doximity license.
  • When sourcing candidates, the Jackson Physician Search team understands the vital role that culture and fit plays in recruitment and retention.

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