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Compensation Concerns? Top 3 Questions to Ask

Compensation models in medicine can be complicated and confusing. So whether you are a new physician emerging from training, or making a change after years in practice, you share a common concern: What should I expect to earn in my new practice?

While a myriad of factors and choices influence your total package, we can help you ask the right questions to negotiate a package that is fair and aligned with your professional and lifestyle priorities.

Let’s start by asking experienced recruiters:

When it comes to physician compensation, what three questions do you think all physician candidates should ask their prospective employer?

Learn the Top 3 Questions to Ask >>

Ask How You Will Earn... Before How Much

Compensation varies widely and makes it difficult to compare opportunities because it depends on many things, like, whether you become a partner in a small private practice, join a large multi-specialty group or choose hospital employment in a large metropolitan area, small city or rural community.


A (Doable) Job Search Timeline for Residents

Given the complexity of a job search, what is the ideal timeline to increase the odds of finding the right job?  We recommend starting the process 12 to 15 months before your training will end. That means that residents and fellows who finish in June 2018 should start looking for a job right now—in the spring of 2017.


In Your Job Search, Think "Location" Last: Really?

Because “location” is really a function of bringing together all the factors that are important to your practice goals and ideal lifestyle. When you are clear about these other needs, you open doors to discovering the ideal place that delivers them.


Physician Opportunities That Align With Your Goals.

 Recruitment Expertise for Candidates and Clients

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Neal Waters, Vice President, Recruiting

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What Our Candidates Are Saying

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“Thank you so very much for assisting me with my job search and position at Monocacy. You have been wonderful in keeping me in the loop and going in between myself and the medical group. You have been a tremendous help! You are world class!”.

Kristen Conley, MD, for Sally Ann Patton, Director of Recruiting, Jackson Physician Search

“Your genuine attitude made the process easy and effortless. Your words of encouragement, before and after the interview, were well appreciated. I will forever be thankful for your services.”

Family Medicine Physician, for Neal Waters, VP, Recruiting, Jackson Physician Search

“My future will be so much brighter in my new position, thanks to your recruiter’s hard work… He truly goes above and beyond.”

Peter Rajtar, MD, for Scott Whitlow, Recruiter, Jackson Physician Search