Rural Recruitment and Retention Playbook


Download this Rural Recruitment and Retention Playbook for insight on the state of the industry as well as trends in rural physician recruitment, emerging strategies for recruitment into rural communities, and examples of optimized recruitment and retention outcomes.

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Rural Recruitment and Retention Playbook

Rural Recruitment Playbook Outline

  • State of the industry and trends in rural physician recruitment
  • Emerging strategies for recruitment into rural communities
  • Examples of optimized recruitment and retention outcomes

State of the Industry

Projected physician shortfall between 40,8000 and 104,900.
Physician’s retirement decisions are projected to have the greatest impact on supply.
Demographic trends continue to be the primary drivers of increasing demand from 2015 to 2030.
If underserved populations had standard care utilization patterns, demand for physicians would rise substantially.

Trends in Rural Recruitment

  • Medical school graduate outnumber residency slots
  • Limits on treatment activity by advanced practice providers
  • Visa processing backlog and foreign travel restrictions
  • Adverse Malpractice Climate

Acute Shortage Outside of Major Cities

About 20% of Americans live in rural areas where many do not have easy access to primary care or specialist services.

Less than 85 of physicians practice in rural areas.

Rural Primary Care Candidate Pool

Active Primary Care Physicians – 296,353

Estimated Physician Under 60 – 117,812

Available due to 7% Turnover – 12,447

3Y Residents – 40,674

Estimated 8% Choose Rural – 3,254

12,447 + 3,254 = 15,701

Community Impact

Adding one physician to a community of 10,000 people is associated with a 5.3% reduction in average mortality.

Each physician supports 14 jobs and $2.2 million in economic input for a community.

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