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In Your Job Search, Think “Location” Last: Really?

Jackson Physician Search
December 5, 2016

Jackson Physician Search – Historically we have been taught to think that location is everything; how many times have you heard the expression, “Location, Location, Location”? But location should be one of the last factors to consider in your job search.

You read that right: location last. Why?

Because “location” is really a function of bringing together all the factors that are important to your practice goals and ideal lifestyle. When you are clear about these other needs, you open doors to discovering the ideal place that delivers them.

Resetting your Job Search Mindset

Would it surprise you to learn that over 50% of Residents and Fellows relocate within three years after their program completion? There is a direct correlation between a choice made solely on a specific location, and the subsequent need to relocate soon after.

A successful job search should prioritize these three “fit factors”:

  1. Lifestyle. This includes family needs, hobbies and the amenities of a community that allow you to do what you most enjoy on a regular basis when you’re not working.
  2. Practice Setting. Health system or small hospital? Single-specialty or multispecialty group? Academic medicine or strictly clinical practice? We place hundreds of physicians each year in every type of practice setting. But each has as a unique culture. Once you begin seeing patients, the inside of your office or hospital will look – and essentially function – the same way anywhere. The difference is in the fit of the workplace culture and community. Your goal is to be happy at work and at home with your family, doing the things you enjoy.
  3. Financial Agreements. Unless you relocate to an area notoriously low for reimbursements, all hospitals and medical groups know the going rate for all specialties. If the interview goes well and everyone wants to move forward with a contract, you will rarely find that financial negotiations will be an obstacle.

Think Twice About Your “Fit Factors”

Think twice before you take the easy route and default to a familiar “location.”

Start interviewing early, and open your mind to the quality of a practice and lifestyle that may be waiting for you in a location that you may never have heard of before.

A good place to start is by exploring opportunities online, and finding a recruiter you are comfortable working with. A good recruitment consultant has visited the practice sites you’re considering and knows the culture of the hiring organizations. They will streamline the process and serve as a trusted advisor.

Shattering Preconceived Notions

Once presented with the various opportunities that meet your lifestyle, practice type, culture and financial priorities, we often see candidate’s location preconceptions shatter––in a good way. If you expect only cornfields and haystacks in Iowa, you may miss the chance to practice in one of most beautiful lake resorts in the country. Similar “best kept secrets” can be found in the awe inspiring beauty of the Finger Lakes Region, the Adirondacks or Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

When you consider the many factors that will ensure a good fit, you will find there are many places that can actually fill your needs.

Send us your questions – we’ll ask the experts and poll your peers for answers!

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