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Admiring the Rockstars of Medicine on National Doctor’s Day

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March 29, 2017

“I get to be a doctor!” That was the first, celebratory thought to enter Skyler Dahlseng’s mind when he recently learned the good news of his residency match. A fourth-year medical student at A.T. Still University, Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in Missouri, Skyler joined some 30,000 other aspiring doctors who celebrated their match and the opportunity to contribute to the delivery of healthcare in communities across the United States.

Celebrating the contributions of doctors at every stage of their medical careers has been the goal of National Doctor’s Day, observed annually on March 30th. Doctor’s Day originated in 1933 and became an officially designated national day of observance through an act of by Congress signed by President George H.W. Bush in 1990. Today, the significance of Doctor’s Day is greater than ever. Meeting the needs of patients is the bedrock of a healthy community, and it depends on the motivation, enthusiasm and tireless dedication of both upcoming doctors and practicing physicians.

Doctor’s Day reminds everyone of the importance of intangible motivators for physicians, as reflected in Skylar’s experience in matching with a residency. The attitudes of the physicians and “general vibe” of a program ranked in his top three criteria for choosing a residency, along with tangibles, such as proximity to family and the reputation of program.

“If the people who were going to be my colleagues were still excited about learning the practice of medicine, and had a smile on their face when I introduced myself, I left with a much better impression of the program,” Sklyer said.

Making a Difference Motivates Physicians

Seneca Healthcare, a very small hospital in the rural national forests of northern California was in desperate need of another physician for a clinical practice and to cover the emergency department. “Dr. Suarez – an amazing, bright and kind gentleman who was running a family medicine residency in Miami – was ready to leave the city and academia to make a difference in a community and have a better lifestyle for his family,” according to Peter Cebulka, Director of Recruiting.

After a cross-country move, Dr. Suarez is now living in a beautiful new lake home and loves the people he works with. He has already helped more than a handful of local patients with pain and chronic narcotics issues to get off of opioids and to make meaningful changes in their lives!

As Peter notes, “He will be a rock for that hospital and community.”

Who are Your Rockstars?

Physicians form the foundation of our communities around the nation. So, take a moment today to thank a practicing physician for all they do or to encourage a young person to consider a career in medicine.

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