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How can a hospital effectively recruit and retain top physicians and advanced practice providers? As revealed in this case study, Canton-Potsdam Hospital does it by embracing the Art and Science of Recruiting.

Effective Physician Recruitment and Retention Requires Both Art and Science

What is Driving Innovations in Recruiting

75% of physicians use smartphone and tablets for professional purposes.

5 years ago only 28% of physicians used a computer, smartphone, and tablet. Today 82% use all three.

Declining Supply and Increasingly High Demand of Physicians

72% of physicians believe there is a physician shortage.

Scenarios that impact demand:

  • Changing Demographics
  • ACA expanded medical insurance coverage
  • Integrated care delivery model
  • Expanded use of retail clinics
  • Increased use of advanced practice nurses

Low Supply and High Deman Means Increased Need to Reach Passive Candidates

  • 11% of physicians are searching for jobs
  • 76% are interested but not proactive
  • 13% are happy with their current position

Success Factors for Effective Recruitment

Identify the controllable variables that you can leverage for successful outcomes

Employ modern recruitment technologies and techniques that provide a competitive recruitment edge

Create benchmark metrics that will measure recruitment performance and return on investment

It Takes Both Art and Science

The Art of relationships and experiences.

The Science of systems, tech, and data.

Utilize both sides of your recruiting brain by keeping your program agile, keeping up with market insights and marketing technology, as well as tapping the time-tested principles of relationship building and delivering a superior experience.

3 Steps to an Artistic and Scientific Recruitment Process

Establish trusting relations with recruitment partners, physician candidates, and your own internal hiring team.

Innovate and drive your recruitment process to reach a wider pool of physicians – particularly passive physician candidates – with digital recruitment and networking tools.

Build an agile, well-structured recruiting system coupled with a highly personalized, first-class candidate experience – utilize both high-tech and high-touch communications.

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Case Study: Physician Recruiting Success

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