Achieving Greater Recruitment Success | Ascension Medical Group


Ascension Medical Group is part of Ascension Wisconsin—the largest non-profit health system in the region with 23 hospitals, 900 medical group clinicians, 19,600 associates, and 110 physician clinics. To meet the rising healthcare needs of its population, Ascension’s leadership needed to advance its clinical recruitment program. Pressing needs included:

  • Support in-house recruitment department with senior interim leader who could develop and document
    best-practice recruitment processes.
  • Increase the number of physicians and advanced provider clinicians recruited in a competitive healthcare market.
    Without the resources and consistent processes to achieve aggressive clinical recruitment goals, Ascension Medical
    Group – Wisconsin engaged Jackson Physician Search to conduct a Clinical Recruitment Assessment.


Jackson Physician Search interviewed key stakeholders and conducted a comprehensive review of Ascension’s recruitment processes before recommending an interim leadership solution that would drive greater recruitment efficiency and results. Serving as a strategic adviser to the in-house recruitment department, Jackson Physician Search would oversee and improve daily operations, provide critical leadership, and conduct a dedicated search for a permanent Director of Clinical Recruitment.

Consultative, Three-Step Process:

  • Initial Assessment: Gathered key recruitment metrics and compared the findings to industry-leading benchmarks.
  • Recommendations: Conducted a gap analysis, recommendations for improvement, and a proposed action plan.
  • Implementation and Ongoing Support: Developed best-practices and continue to provide guidance and recruitment support as needed.

Benefits Achieved From Interim Leadership

  • Provided immediate leadership stability to enhance morale and recruiter retention.
  • Led key initiatives, change management, and operational enhancements to accelerate sourcing, streamline candidate selection, and reduce interview-to-hire.
  • Selected and coached new Director, crafted transition plans, and developed baseline processes and long-term recommendations for increased recruitment success.


In focusing on a comprehensive and innovative Clinical Recruitment Assessment Solution, Ascension Medical Group – Wisconsin has recruited 217 new physicians and advanced practice clinicians, an increase of 65 from the previous year. Also selected was an experienced Director of Clinical Recruitment who will lead a proven recruitment system primed to produce consistent results with a team of highly skilled and motivated recruiters.


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