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Brent Barnacle

Regional Vice President, Business Development

Brent Barnacle
Being a trusted advisor and strategic partner means I balance results and relationships to ensure that Jackson Physician Search is the right solution for my clients' physician recruitment needs.
  • Serves as the business development leader of the midwest, managing a team of two
  • Graduated from the University of Kansas
  • Joined Jackson Physician Search in 2016

Brent is viewed as a trusted advisor and wise strategic partner by all those who associate with him. He is known for his ability to think out of the box, assimilate information quickly, and co-create effective solutions to real-time challenges. Brent holds a remarkable balance between relentlessly driving high performance and maintaining deeply loyal and effective relationships.

Brent’s clients value his ability to hear the unspoken need, recognize precisely the real root challenges, and work alongside them to find effective solutions. He communicates powerfully, yet without pretense, as he helps others create a rare kind of synergy that engages and excites them to achieve great things. Brent is highly sought after as a team player and team creator with the capacity to inspire and call forth greatness in others.

Brent resides in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, and leads our Minnesota office. An avid golfer, he enjoys spending time outdoors. He is a proud dad of a son who reminds him of his younger self and a spirited, beautiful daughter.