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Recruiter Places Family Practitioner in Rural Colorado

Why an Experienced Recruiter is Invaluable


Despite a limited candidate pool, remote location, and unforeseen challenges, Jackson Physician Search quickly recruited the Family Practitioner with training in Obstetrics a rural Colorado hospital needed.

Why an Experienced Recruiter is Invaluable

A 15-bed, critical access hospital, in remote, rural Colorado contracted Jackson Physician Search to recruit a Family Practitioner who has additional training in Obstetrics (FPOB).  The story behind this search illustrates the advantages of partnering with seasoned physician recruiters.  The combination of years of experience, a good relationship with the hospital, and above all else, the generous hospitality of the community were all factors in successfully finding a physician that is a great fit.

The first challenge of any primary care recruitment undertaking is the limited supply.  Add to this hurdle the very rural and remote nature of this town, coupled with having no local hotel to even accommodate candidates during an onsite interview, and the implications of this challenge were compounded.

Following a search kick-off phone call, we were quickly able to find and contact an FPOB candidate, Dr. M.  One of the keys to a successful placement is to keep the recruitment process moving as quickly as possible. With the demand for physicians so high, physicians, whether actively seeking a new position or not, regularly receive job solicitations.

The next challenge occurred right after the introductory phone call between Dr. M and the hospital’s CEO.  The CEO resigned leaving the process at a standstill.  With his contact at the hospital no longer available, we did some investigating and reached out to the Hospital’s Board President to carry on the recruitment process with Dr. M.

Next steps included an onsite interview.  Dr. M has a family with three young children and had no one with whom she could leave her children to allow her and her husband to make the trip to Colorado alone.  With the closest hotel to the facility 40 minutes away, the Board President graciously offered to have Dr. M, her husband, and their three children stay with him and his wife. Their home was well equipped for littles having grandchildren of their own, and they even prepared home-cooked meals for the weekend.  As if playing host was not enough, they also watched the children throughout the weekend while Dr. and Mr. M explored the community.

As luck would have it, Dr. M’s interview was to take place on the same day the interim-CEO candidate was visiting the hospital. Even the greatest amount of strategery and best laid out plans are sometimes spoiled. Dr. M interviewed under the impression she would be joining a staff that included two other FPOBs; however, one of the FPOBs called out “sick” that day and ended up resigning shortly after Dr. M’s interview.

After the onsite interview, we spent a great deal of time working with the Board Chair, the interim CEO, Dr. M, and both party’s legal representation to keep the recruitment process moving forward. Given the position went from joining two to only one other provider, Dr. M was very concerned about the workload, call requirements and other issues created by being short-staffed. Miraculously, through trust, open communication, and professionalism by all parties, mutual interest continued.  Before making an official offer to Dr. M, the hospital needed to first onboard the interim CEO.

Working together as a team, the greatest contributing factor to this search’s success, the recruiter, the Board Chair, and interim CEO were able to alleviate Dr. M’s concerns.  4 months after the interview date Dr. M signed her employment agreement!

This successful placement story is a strong reminder of how an experienced recruiter can be such a valuable resource throughout the recruitment process. One of the difference makers in this scenario was our recruiter’s wherewithal to seek out and involve the Board Chair after the CEO’s resignation.  It was then the generosity and hospitality of the Board Chair, his wife, and the community that sealed the deal. Dr. M even commented afterwards that she had interviewed with large systems in the past, and to experience the level of community involvement in helping facilitate the site visit, was a breath of fresh air.

It is the genuine partnership between Jackson Physician Search and this hospital, each playing their respective yet collaborative roles, a small community in Colorado got new access to quality healthcare close to home.  If your physician recruitment process could utilize the experienced partnership of recruitment professionals, contact Jackson Physician Search today, and learn more about what our national team of consultants can do for you.

Key Takeaways

  1. A dedicated physician recruitment partner is especially valuable in overcoming physician recruitment challenges that are incontrollable, providing wider access to candidates, and effective strategies and insights.
  2. The generosity and personalization of the onsite interview played an important role in the success of the search.
  3. Despite internal and external obstacles, collaborating with a physician recruitment partner quickly brought the rural hospital the niche candidate it needed.

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